Session 21. Beef production, supply and quality from farm to fork

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Date: 1st September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J.F. Hocquette/K. De Roest

Theatre Session 21

Genetic parameters for behaviour and type traits in Charolais cows
A. Vallee, J.A.M. Van Arendonk and H. Bovenhuis

The T3811>G3811 mutation in the Blonde d’Aquitaine myostatin gene: effects on beef traits
G. Renand, A. Vinet, G. Caste, B. Picard, I. Cassar-Malek, M. Bonnet, C. Bouyer, V. Blanquet and A. Oulmouden

Genetic growth profiles for carcass traits in steers
T.M. Englishby, R.D. Evans, G. Banos, M.P. Coffey, K.L. Moore and D.P. Berry

Possibility to improve genetic evaluation for carcass traits using data from dairy cows
A.M. Closter, E. Norberg, J. Pedersen and M. Kargo

Development of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) index –improving carcass feedback for producers
Invited P. Mcgilchrist, R.J. Polkinghorne, A.J. Ball and J.M. Thompson

For good beef, gender is more important than breed
S.P.F. Bonny, D.W. Pethick, I. Legrand, J. Wierzbicki, P. Allen, L.J. Farmer, R.J. Polkinghorne, J.F. Hocquette and G.E. Gardner


Environmental impact of beef – the food chain from farm to fork
L. Mogensen, T.L.T. Nguyen, N.T. Madsen, O. Pontoppidan, T. Preda and J.E. Hermansen

Beef production, supply and quality from farm to fork in Europe
Invited K. De Roest

Alternative finishing strategies for Holstein-Friesian bulls slaughtered at 19 months of age
B. Murphy, A.K. Kelly and R. Prendiville

Comparisons of performances between Holstein and Brown Swiss cattle in a feedlot beef system
Y. Bozkurt, C.G. Tuzun and C. Dogan

Meat quality of Dexter cattle kept on alpine pastures compared to Charolais crossbred calves
T. Zehnder, I.D.M. Gangnat, M. Kreuzer, M. Schneider and J. Berard

Effect of commercial line and housing condition on carcass, meat and sensory quality of beef steers
M. Vitale, E. Mainau, M. Gil, J. Pallisera, P. Rodriguez, A. Dalmau, G. De Planell, M.A. Oliver and A. Velarde


Posters Session 21

Method for simultaneous identification of bovine and porcine proteins in feed mixtures
M. Natonek-Wiśniewska and P. Krzyścin

Using self-feeders for supplementing early-weaned beef calves grazing temperate pastures
V. Beretta, A. Simeone, A. Henderson, R. Iribarne and M.B. Silveira

Correlation between color parameters measured on hot and cold beef carcasses
A. Ivanković and M. Konjačić

Effect of dry-aging time on instrumental and sensory quality of cow beef meat
M. Vitale, A. Planaguma, A. Planaguma, M.A. Oliver and N. Panella-Riera

Genetic parameters for stillbirth in French beef cattle breeds
R. Lefebvre, H. Leclerc, F. Phocas and S. Mattalia

Blood components and immune response of heifers relating to feed efficiency and genomic clusters
E. Crane, A. Fontoura, R. Ventura, J. Munro, S. Bourgon, K. Swanson, A. Fredeen, N. Karrow and Y. Montanholi

Changes in CLA and n-3 acids content in milk from cows fed with TMR supplemented with lipid complex
R. Bodkowski, K. Czyz, P. Nowakowski and B. Patkowska-Sokola

Ultra low density genotype panels for breed assignment in Aberdeen Angus cattle
M.M. Judge and D.P. Berry

Comparison of carcass quality traits in swiss beef cattle breeds
A. Burren, S. Hulst, M. Buergisser, A. Iten, S. Probst and P. Kunz

Calibrating a dual X-ray absorptiometer for estimating carcase composition at abattoir chain-speed
G.E. Gardner, R. Glendenning, O. Brumby, S. Starling and A. Williams

Analysis of genetic structure within beef cattle breeds using SNPs in four candidate genes
A. Trakovicka, N. Moravčikova and R. Nadasky

Effects of beta agonists and immunocastration on fiber frequency in bovine muscle
M.R. Mazon, D.S. Antonelo, K. Nubiato, H.B. Silva, T.J.T. Ricci, N.T. Bem, D.M.C. Pesce, P.R. Leme and S.L. Silva

Identification of SNPs in genes associated with meat tenderness in Nellore cattle
C.U. Braz, R. Espigolan, L. Takada, L.G. Albuquerque, D.G.M. Gordo, F. Baldi, L.A.L. Chardulo and H.N. Oliveira

Performance of cross-bred cattle in confinement in Brazil
A. Berndt, L.S. Sakamoto, F.B. Ferrari, H. Borba, E.D.M. Mendes, R.R. Tullio and M.M. Alencar

Effects of seam (kernel) fat on carcass unit price in Japanese Black cattle
K. Sakoda, S. Maeda, R. Asa and K. Kuchida

Species identification of bovine meat, pork and horse in foods using triplex qPCR
M. Natonek-Wiśniewska and P. Krzyścin

Marbling characteristics at the 6-7 rib and the sirloin in Japanese Black cattle by image analysis
M. Takeo, S. Maeda, R. Asa and K. Kuchida

Effects of rice bran, flax seed and sunflower seed on sensory evaluations of Korean Cattle
C. Choi, S. Kim, H. Kwon, U. Yang, J. Lee and E. Park

Performance of crossbred Holstein bulls and heifer calves slaughtered at 12-months of age
M. Vestergaard, A. Mikkelsen, M. Bjerring, P. Spleth and M. Kargo

Effect of age at slaughter for early maturing dairy cross heifers
R. Prendiville, B. Swan and P. French

 Identifying ideal beef and dairy crossbreeds to optimise slaughter yields
A. Mueller, A. Burren and H. Joerg

Supplementation of Caspurea in Crossbred Cattle Diets
P. Paengkoum, K. Bunnakit and S. Paengkoum

Effects of selection for yearling weight on feed efficiency traits in Nellore cattle
J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, M.E.Z. Mercadante, S.F.M. Bonilha, T. Pivaro, R.H. Branco and F.M. Monteiro

Body condition score and probability of pregnancy of primiparous beef cows grazing grassland
P. Soca, M. Carriquiry, M. Claramunt and A. Meikle

Performance of Nelore steers in different Brazil livestock grazing systems
R.R.S. Corte, S.L. Silva, A.F. Pedroso, T.C. Alves and P.P.A. Oliveira

Bayesian analysis for detection of signatures selection in Spanish autochthonous beef cattle breeds
A. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, S. Munilla, E.F. Mouresan, J.J. Canas-Alvarez, J.A. Baro, A. Molina, C. Diaz, J. Piedrafita, J. Altarriba and L. Varona