Session 21. Early career competition ‘Innovative approaches to pig and poultry production’, supported by Wageningen Academic Publishers

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Dying for uniformity: is pre-weaning mortality the major cause of the decrease in variation?
Hooyberghs,S. Goethals, S. Millet, S. Janssens and N. Buys

Are biters sick – studies on the health status of tail biters
Czycholl,D. Becker, C. Schwennen, C. Puff, M. Wendt, W. Baumgärtner and J. Krieter

Effect of various short-term events on behaviours of gestating sows
Durand,J. Abarnou, A. Julienne, C. Orsini and C. Gaillard

Contact voltages exposure lower than 0.5 V in feeders and drinkers affects the behaviour of piglets
Nicolazo,C. Clouard, G. Boulbria, E. Merlot, A. Lebret, C. Chevance, J. Jeusselin, V. Normand and C. Teixeira-Costa

Intra-uterine growth restriction affects growth performances but not the body composition at weaning
Ruggeri,G. Bee, P. Trevisi and C. Ollagnier

The use of thermal imaging and salivary biomarkers during the periparturient period of sows
DeVos, S. Tanghe, Q. Duan, B. Loznik, M. Ubbink-Blanksma and R. D’Inca

Poster presentation
Nilssonand S. Vigors


Effects of Lactobacillus spp. encapsulated probiotic on performance and faecal microbial in piglets
N.A. Lefter, M. Hăbeanu, M. Dumitru, A. Gheorghe and L. Idriceanu