Session 21. Embryonic and foetal programming

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: K. Vonnahme

Theatre Session 21

14.00 Assessing placental function in our livestock species to ensure adequate fetal development
Invited K.A. Vonnahme

14.45 Effect of nutrient restriction during pregnancy in heifers on maternal and offspring’s metabolism
S. Wiedemann, U. Köhler, S. Spiegler, F.J. Schwarz and M. Kaske

15.00 Foetal programming and long-term implications for metabolic and endocrine function
Invited M.O. Nielsen, P. Khanal, L. Johnsen and A.H. Kongsted


16.15 Consequences of nutrition and growth during gestation for beef production
Invited P.L. Greenwood and D.L. Robinson

17.00 Low weight at birth increases the chance of the gilt reaching first farrowing
F. Thorup

17.15 Impact of early life nutrition on survival and production performance in multiple-born lambs
Invited S. McCoard, Q. Sciascia, F. Sales and D. Van Der Linden


Poster Session  21

Maternal undernutrition during gestation does not affect growth and physiology of rabbit offsprings
G.K. Symeon, Z. Abas, M. Goliomytis, I. Bizelis, G. Papadomichelakis, O. Pagonopoulou, S.G. Deligeorgis and S.E. Chadio

Impact of sow backfat thickness around weaning on nutritional status and litter performance
J. Alvarez-Rodriguez, G. Sayez, A. Sanz and D. Babot

Recovery from intrauterine growth restriction in piglets defined by their headshape: a pilot study
C. Amdi, J. Hales, A.T. Nguyen and C.F. Hansen

Correlations between ovum pick–up in vitro production traits and pregnancy rates in Gyr cows
C.R. Quirino, W.H.O. Vega, A. Pacheco, A.S. Azevedo, C.S. Oliveira and R.V. Serapião