Session 21. Free communications: nutrition

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Lindberg

Theatre Session 

Determination of fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids contents in ruminant feces
Cesaro, G., Grigoletto, L., Bittante, G. and Schiavon, S.

The effect of soybean and fish oil inclusion in goat diet on their milk and plasma fatty acids
Tsiplakou, E., Tsiligkaki, A., Mountzouris, K.C. and Zervas, G.

Effect of dietary oil and seed addition on pork subcutaneous and intramuscular fatty acid profile
Carrion, D., Maeztu, F. and Oficialdegui, M.

Effect of a blend of three phytonutrients on performance of broilers compared to a shuttle program
Oguey, C., Sims, M.D. and Bravo, D.

Quality of eggs from Greenleg Partridge hens maintained in organic vs. backyard production systems
Krawczyk, J. and Szefer, M.

Changes in net hepatic flux of nutrients by the deacetylation of p-aminohippuric acid in dairy cows
Rodríguez-López, J.M., Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G., Durand, D., Thomas, A. and Ortigues-Marty, I.

A starch binding agent decreases the in vitro rate of fermentation of wheat and barley
Dunshea, F.R., Russo, V.M. and Leury, B.J.

Prediction of NDF content and rumen degradability by Fournier ransform infrared spectroscopy
Belanche, A., Allison, G.G., Newbold, C.J., Weisbjerg, M.R. and Moorby, J.M.

Passage kinetics of fibre in the rumen estimated by external marker excretion curves
Krämer, M., Lund, P. and Weisbjerg, M.R.

Effects of a fibrolytic enzyme cocktail on in vitro and in sacco digestibility of forages and feed
Van De Vyver, W.F.J. and Cruywagen, C.W.

Starch digestibility in the alimentary tract of dairy cows
Moharrery, A., Larsen, M. and Weisbjerg, M.R.

Effect of pre-partum beta-carotene supplementation on post-partum status of Holstein cows
Erasmus, L.J., Machpesh, G. and Nel, F.

Intestinal digestibility of phosphate from ruminal microbes
Sehested, J., Lund, P. and Jørgensen, H.


Poster Session 

Impact of using fibrolytic enzymes on sheep performance in summer season
El-Bordeny, N.E., El-Sayed, H.M., Abedo, A.A., Hamdy, S.M., Soliman, H.S. and Daoud, E.N.

Effect of oral or injectable selenium in serum selenium and vaccine response of heifers Nellore
Zanetti, M., Turic, E., Morgulis, S., Garcia, S., Reolon, E. and Avino, V.

Variation of fatty acids profile in the milk of cows raised on improved Romanian sub alpine pastures
Ropota, M., Voicu, I., Blaj, V.A., Voicu, D. and Ghita, E.

Adding phytase to low phosphorus broiler diet and its effect on performance and phosphorus excretion
Hassan, H.M.A., Abd-Elsamee, M.O., El-Sherbiny, A.E., Samy, A. and Mohamed, M.A.

Milk yield and N excretion of dairy cows fed diets with carbohydrates of different fermentescibility
Migliorati, L., Boselli, L., Masoero, F., Capelletti, M., Abeni, F. and Pirlo, G.

Influence of nutrients level and probiotic supplementation on performance and egg quality in laying
Han, Y.-K., Jeong, E.-Y. and Na, D.-S.

Effect of linseed on lipidic release and on liver phospholipids fatty acids content of overfed ducks
Rondia, P., Sinnaeve, G., Romnee, J.M., Dehareng, F. and Froidmont, E.

Effects of bacterial inoculants on nutrient composition and fermentation parameters in corn silage
Homolka, P., Jalč, D., Lauková, A., Simonová, M., Váradyová, Z. and Jančík, F.

Chicken meat production in Turkey
Sarica, M. and Yamak, U.S.

Effect of Jerusalem artichoke dry form on gut morphology and microbiology of broiler chichens
Zitare, I., Valdovska, A., Krastina, V., Pilmane, M., Jemeljanovs, A., Konosonoka, I.H. and Proskina, L.

The effects of some essential oils on in vitro gas production of different feedstuffs
Boga, M., Kilic, U. and Gorgulu, M.

Intake and digestibility of nutrients in steers fed sugarcane ensiled with levels of calcium oxide
Chizzotti, F.H.M., Pereira, O.G., Valadares Filho, S.C., Chizzotti, M.L. and Rodrigues, R.T.S.

Genetically modified maize as rabbit feed ingredient
Chrenková, M., Chrastinová, Ľ., Formelová, Z., Poláčiková, M., Lauková, A., Ondruška, Ľ. and Szabóová, R.

The effect of α- and γ-tocopherol on lipid oxidation and lipid stability of meat in broiler chickens
Tomažin, U., Frankič, T., Voljč, M., Levart, A. and Salobir, J.

The effect of preparation ,,BIOPOLYM“ on fermentation processes of red clover silages
Kubát, V., Petrášková, E., Jančík, F., Čermák, B., Hnisová, J., Homolka, P., Lád, F. and Kohoutová, H.

Recycling of phosphate is not affected by particle size or chewing time in lactating dairy cows
Sehested, J., Storm, A.C. and Kristensen, N.B.

Using probiotic, prebiotic or organic acids on feeding laying hens
Youssef, A.W., Hassan, H.M.A. and Mohamed, M.A.

Effect of feed allocation of daily ration on growth and feed assimilation of rainbow trout O. mykiss
Papoutsoglou, E.S., Alexandridou, M., Karakatsouli, N. and Papoutsoglou, S.E.

Effects of mannan oligosaccharide on performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens
Karkoodi, K., Solati, A.A. and Mahmoodi, Z.