Session 21. What the hell is resilience and efficiency?

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: N.C. Friggens

Theatre Session 21

What the hell do resilience and efficiency mean in the real world and what’s the underlying biology
N.C. Friggens and J.M.E. Statham

What efficiency and resilience gains have we actually achieved in the past century or decade, and at what cost
J. Lassen and Y. De Haas

How fast can we change resilience and efficiency through breeding and management?
N. Gengler, M. Hostens and Genotype Plus Environment Consortium (

Interaction between the concepts of resilience and efficiency: how they apply to agriculture
V. Eory

Panel discussion on resilience and efficiency
N. Friggens

Operational measures of efficiency: make them measureable on large scale
H. Gilbert and E.F. Knol

Developing resilience indicator traits based on longitudinal data: opportunities and challenges
H.A. Mulder, H.W.M. Poppe and T.V.L. Berghof

Genetics and economics of a feed efficiency breeding value for New Zealand dairy cattle
M.D. Camara, J.R. Bryant, K.A. MacDonald, M. Olayemi and P. Amer

Towards the quantitative characterization of piglet robustness to weaning: a modelling approach
M. Revilla, N.C. Friggens, L.P. Broudiscou, G. Lemonnier, F. Blanc, L. Ravon, M.J. Mercat, Y. Billon, C. Rogel-Gaillard, N. Le Floch, J. Estellé and R. Muñoz-Tamayo

Development of resilience indicators using deviations in milk yield from the lactation curve
H.W.M. Poppe, H.A. Mulder and R.F. Veerkamp

Indirect traits for feed efficiency
C. Egger-Danner, A. Koeck, C. Fuerst, M. Ledinek, L. Gruber, F. Steininger, K. Zottl and B. Fuerst-Waltl

Poster Session 21

Survival analysis for prediction of productive herd life in Nguni cows
M. Ngayo, V. Ducrocq, M.D. Fair, F.W.C. Neser, M.M. Scholtz and J.B. Van Wyk

Farmers’ perceptions on parameters defining suckler cow efficiency
I. Casasús, S. Lobón and A. Bernués

A survey on sensors availability on Italian dairy farms: potential tools for innovative selection
I. Lora, A. Zidi, M. Cassandro, F. Gottardo and G. Cozzi

Changes on female fertility aggregate index in Italian Holstein dairy cattle
G. Visentin, M. Marusi, R. Finocchiaro, J.B.C.H.M. Van Kaam and G. Civati

The value of commercial farm-management data to evaluate Pietrain boars for vitality and robustness
W. Gorssen, S. Janssens and N. Buys