Session 22. Phenotyping complex traits in dairy and beef cows, applications

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Coffey

Theatre Session 

Genomic selection for feed efficiency in dairy cattle: a complex objective
Pryce, J.E., De Haas, Y., Hayes, B.J., Coffey, M.P. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Methane emissions and rumen fermentation in heifers differing in phenotypic residual feed intake
Fitzsimons, C., Kenny, D., Deighton, M., Fahey, A. and Mcgee, M.

Effect of phenotypic residual feed intake in beef suckler cows
Lawrence, P., Kenny, D., Earley, B. and Mcgee, M.

Effects of cow temperament and maternal defensiveness on calf vigour and ADG
Turner, S.P., Jack, M.C., Stephens, K. and Lawrence, A.B.

Pooling data on energy balance in dairy cows for genetic and genomic analyses
Wall, E., Banos, G., Veerkamp, R.F., Mcparland, S. and Coffey, M.P.

Monitoring the transition cow: influence of body condition before calving
Schafberg, R. and Swalve, H.H.

Between and within-individual variation in methane output measurements in dairy cows
Negussie, E., Liinamo, A.-E., Mäntysaari, P., Mäntysaari, E.A. and Lidauer, M.

A genome-wide search for harmful recessive haplotypes in Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh cattle
Schwarzenbacher, H., Fuerst, C., Fuerst-Waltl, B. and Dolezal, M.

Selection for longevity in Dutch dairy cattle
Van Pelt, M.L., Koenen, E.P.C., Van Der Linde, C., De Jong, G. and Geertsema, H.G.

Genetic variation in milking efficiency: a novel trait for milkability in automatic milking systems
Løvendahl, P., Lassen, J. and Chagunda, M.G.G.

WebLOAD – A web frontend to create a consistent dataset from multiple text files in animal breeding
Müller, U., Fischer, R., Van Chi Truong, C., Groeneveld, E. and Bergfeld, U.

Use of high density SNP in genomic evaluation in Holstein-Friesians
Schopen, G.C.B. and Schrooten, C.


Poster Session

Mid-infrared predictions of fatty acids in bovine milk: final results of the RobustMilk project
Soyeurt, H., Mcparland, S., Donagh, D., Wall, E., Coffey, M., Gengler, N., Dehareng, F. and Dardenne, P.

Pedigree analysis of the Portuguese Holstein Cattle: inbreeding and genetic diversity trends
Costa, C.N., Thompson, G. and Carvalheira, J.

Comparison of estimation models with data of limited number of animals but intensive recording
Oikawa, T., Koga, Y., Hirayama, T., Munim, T. and Ibi, T.

Intra-observer reliability of different methods for recording temperament in beef and dairy calves
Theis, S., Aditia, E., Hille, K., König, U. and Gauly, M.