Session 22. Physiological diversity between individuals: do we need ‘personalized farming’?

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: J. Maselyne / E. Hessel / I. Halachmi

Theatre Session 22

Evaluation of models to predict feed intake in dairy cows
V. Ambriz-Vilchis, M. Webster, J. Flockhart, D. Shaw and J. Rooke

A new method of monitoring body temperature in horses with a microchip
S. Benoist, L. Wimel and P. Chavatte-Palmer

Real-time animal response to climate changes
H. Levit, S. Goldshtein, S. Pinto, A. Kleinjan Elazari, V. Bloch, Y. Ben Meir, E. Gershon, J. Miron and I. Halachmi

Physiological diversity between individuals: when do we need ‘personalized livestock farming (PLF)’?
I. Halachmi, N. Barchilon, V. Bloch, A. Godo, Y. Lepar, H. Levit, E. Vilenski, M. Kaganovich, R. Bezen, O. Geffen, T. Glasser and S. Druyan

Automatic lameness detection in sows using the sow stance information system (SowSIS): a pilot study
P. Briene, O. Szczodry, P. De Geest, A. Van Nuffel, J. Vangeyte, B. Ampe, S. Millet, F. Tuyttens and J. Maselyne

Advantages of individual feed consumption and weight monitoring in growing-finishing pigs
A. Peña Fernández, T. Norton, A. Youssef, C. Bahr, E. Vranken and D. Berckmans

Technologies for identification, localisation and tracking of indoor housed livestock
E.F. Hessel

Debating physiological diversity between individuals: do we need ‘personalized farming’?
J. Maselyne and E. Hessel