Session 22B. LFS innovations for local/rural development

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Date: 27 August 2013; 10:45 – 12.30 hours
Chairperson: Casasus / Dedieu

Theatre Session 22b

10.45 From local to global: mental models of local people about livestock sector
Invited J.F. Tourrand, C. Barnaud, P. Valarie, T. Bonaudo, A. Ickowicz, C.H. Moulin, L. Dobremez and B. Dedieu

11.15 Tradition and innovation in Caribbean LFS: old rhum in new barrels
G. Alexandre, J. Factum-Sainton and V. Angeon

11.30 Evaluating innovative scenarios in partnership to enhance mixed crop-livestock farms sustainability
J. Ryschawy, A. Joannon, J.P. Choisis, A. Gibon and P.Y. Le Gal

11.45 Farm processing and short chains: solutions to territorialise livestock farming in mountain areas?
S. Cournut, M. Millet and A. Dufour

12.00 Combined used of three whole farm simulation tools for the design of innovative production strategie
A.W. Sempore, N. Andrieu and P.Y. Le Gal

12.15 Change of cattle breed: dairy specialized farmers’ motivations for Montbeliarde or Simmental breeds
C. Gaillard, A. Gérard, S. Mugnier, M. Courdier, S. Moureaux and E. Verrier


Poster Session 22b

Mediterranean biodiversity as a tool for the sustainable development of the small ruminant sector
C. Ligda, E. Sossidou, A. Araba, A. Lauvie and G. Hadjipavlou

Conservation of Walloon poultry diversity sustained by short chains
M. Moerman, S. Dufourny, N. Moula and J. Wavreille

Influences of local policies and opportunities on farmers’ strategies and grassland management
G. Martel, F. Herzog and O. Huguenin-Elie

Between local and global: changing in interactions concerning dairy factories: LFS-territory
M. Napoléone, C. Corniaux, F. Alavoine-Mornas, V. Barritaux, J.P. Boutonnet, S. Carvalho, S. Cournut, A. Havet, M. Houdart, A. Ickowicz, S. Madelrieux, H. Morales, R. Poccard and J.F. Tourrand

Determinants of crop rotation choices by pig farmers in Brittany
G. Martel, E. Tersiguel, J.-L. Giteau and Y. Ramonet