Session 23. Dairy and meat products: from traditional to novel quality traits

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M. De Marchi

Theatre Session 23

Fatty acid profile of conventional, organic, and free-range retail milk in the United Kingdom
S. Stergiadis, C.B. Berlitz, B. Hunt, S. Garg, K.E. Kliem and I. Givens

Cheese-making properties and cheese yield of milk from Holsteins and 3-way rotational crossbred cows
S. Saha, N. Amalfitanò, G. Bittante and L. Gallo

Comparing cheese making properties of milk from lowland and highland farming systems
G. Niero, M. Koczura, M. De Marchi, S. Currò, M. Kreuzer, G. Turille and J. Berard

Chemical composition, hygiene characteristics and coagulation aptitude of milk for Parmigiano Reggia
F. Righi, P. Franceschi, M. Malacarne, P. Formaggioni, C. Cipolat-Gotet, M. Simoni and A. Summer

Milk and cheese authentication using FTIR, NIR spectra, fatty acid, and volatile organic compounds
M. Bergamaschi, A. Cecchinato and G. Bittante

Urea-PAGE patterns of PDO Évora cheese manufactured with Cynara cardunculus L. ecotypes
C.M.S.C. Pinheiro, A.L. Garrido, S. Freitas, E. Lamy, L. Rodrigues, N.B. Alvarenga, J. Dias, A.P.L. Martins and F. Duarte

Quality attributes of PDO dry-cured hams as affected by low-protein diets and genetic line of pigs
G. Carcò, M. Dalla Bona, L. Carraro, L. Gallo and S. Schiavon

Tenderstretching and ageing time are key parameters for premium beef
I. Legrand, J.F. Hocquette, C. Denoyelle, R. Polkinghorne and P. Bru

Consumers’ awareness of PDO and PGI labelled food products in Slovenia
M. Klopčič, M. Kos Skubic and K. Erjavec

Native breeds and their products in consumers’ opinion
P. Radomski, M. Moskała and J. Krupiński

Are views towards egg farming associated with egg consumers’ purchasing habits?
D. Lemos Teixeira, R. Larraín and M.J. Hötzel

Poster Session 23

The effect of Virginia fanpetals (Sida hermaphrodita) silage on the mineral content of cow’s milk
Z. Nogalski, C. Purwin, M. Fijałkowska and M. Momot

Fatty acid profile of cheese from the milk of mountain breeds of sheep in terms of human health
A. Kawęcka, I. Radkowska and J. Sikora

Starter culture affects chemical parameters of a traditional Portuguese smoked sausage?
D. Barros, R. Pinto, R. Pinheiro, S. Fonseca and M. Vaz Velho

The fatty acid composition of rabbit, chicken and pig meat depend upon dietary oil supplementation
T. Pirman, A. Levart, V. Rezar, J. Leskovec and J. Salobir

Native breeds and their products in breeders’ opinion
P. Radomski, M. Moskała and J. Krupiński

Effect of duration of linseed supplementation on nutritional properties of beef
R. Marino, A. Della Malva, M. Caroprese, A. Santillo, A. Sevi and M. Albenzio