Session 23. Non-standard traits in genomic selection

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J. Lassen

Theatre Session 23

14.00 Genomic selection to reduce boar taint in Danish pigs
InvitedA.B. Strathe, T. Mark, I.H. Velander and H.N. Kadarmideen

14.30 Model comparison based on genomic predictions of litter size and piglet mortality
X. Guo, O.F. Christensen, T. Ostersen, D.A. Sorensen, Y. Wang, M.S. Lund and G. Su

14.45 Genomic evaluation of both purebred and crossbred performances
O.F. Christensen, P. Madsen, B. Nielsen and G. Su

15.00 Benefits of distributing males and females among phenotyping candidates in genomic selection
T.O. Okeno, M. Henryon and A.C. Sørensen

15.15 Crossbred reference can improve response to genomic selection in crossbreds
H. Esfandyari, A.C. Sørensen and P. Bijma


16.15 Using milk spectral data for large-scale phenotypes linked to mitigation and efficiency
Invited H. Soyeurt, A. Vanlierde, M.-L. Vanrobays, P.B. Kandel, E. Froidmont, F. Dehareng, Y. Beckers, P. Dardenne and N. Gengler

16.45 A genome-wide association study of caudal and intercalary supernumerary teats in Red Holstein cattle
H. Joerg, C. Meili, A. Burren, E. Bangerter and A. Bigler

17.00 Genomic prediction using a G-matrix weighted with SNP variances from Bayesian mixture models
G. Su, O.F. Christensen, L. Janss and M.S. Lund

17.15 Sire-based genomic prediction of heterosis in White Leghorn crossbreds
E.N. Amuzu-Aweh, H. Bovenhuis, D.J. De Koning and P. Bijma

17.45 Identification of SNP of two candidate genes associated with reproductive trait in Egyptian buffalo
S. Ahmed, H. Abd El-Kader, O. Abd Elmoneim and A. El Beltagy


Poster Session  23

Effect of EGF gene polymorphisms on fattening and slaughter traits in pigs
A. Mucha, M. Tyra, K. Ropka-Molik, K. Piórkowska and M. Oczkowicz