Session 23A. AI, reproductive technologies and fertility in sheep and goats

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 15:45 hours
Chairperson: Milerski

Theatre Session 

Melatonin-dependent timing of seasonal reproduction: molecular basis and practical applications
Dardente, H., Fréret, S., Fatet, A., Collet, A., Chesneau, D. and Pellicer-Rubio, M.-T.

Artificial insemination and reproduction management in small ruminants with special regard to future
Dattena, M., Maura, L., Falchi, L., Meloni, G., Facchin, F. and Gallus, M.

Sheep insemination: current situation in France and work on data of semen production
David, I., Bonnot, A., Raoul, J. and Lagriffoul, G.

Realities of sheep artificial insemination on farm level: farm and breed differences
Kukovics, S., Németh, T., Gyökér, E. and Gergátz, E.

Innovative itineraries minimizing hormones to synchronize and induce oestrus and ovulation in goats
Rekik, M., Ben Othman, H. and Lassoued, N.


Poster Session 

Interactions between milk production and reproduction in the Sicilo-Sarde ewe
Rekik, M., Meraï, A. and Aloulou, R.