Session 23A. Effects of high temperature on reproductive physiology

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 10:30 hours
Chairperson: Driancourt

Theatre Session 23a

08.30 Is it possible to alleviate the negative effects of heat stress on reproduction of dairy cows?
Invited M.A. Driancourt

09.00 Effects of high temperature on the reproductive physiology the sow
Invited S. Boulot and N. Quiniou

09.30 Adverse effects of heat stress on reproduction in lactating dairy cows and strategies for mitigation
Invited J. Block and P.J. Hansen

10.00 Assessing climatic effects on the reproductive performance of sows in a temperate climate
C. Lambertz, K. Wegner and M. Gauly


Poster Session 23a

Effect of heat stress during intrauterine development on litter size in sows
C. Sevillano Del Aguila, S. Bloemhof, E.H. Van der Waaij and E.F. Knol

A metabolomic approach for evaluating heat stress in growing pigs
D. Renaudeau, M. Tremblay-Franco, P.H.R.F. Campos, J. Noblet, C. Canlet and J. Riquet