Session 23B. Physiological biomarkers of stress and production diseases

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Date: 27 August 2013; 10:45 – 12.30 hours
Chairperson: Vestergaard / Edwards

Theatre Session 23b

10.45 Acute phase proteins as biomarkers of disease and stress in pigs
Invited M. Piñeiro, J. Morales and C. Piñeiro

11.30 Haptoglobin in milk: immunologic biomarker for monitoring health status by on-farm analysis
U. Bergfeld, T. Möllmer, S. Pache, K. Zoldan and R. Fischer

11.45 Physiological biomarkers for prevention of production diseases in dairy cows
Invited K.L. Ingvartsen, K.M. Moyes, T. Larsen and L. Munksgaard


Poster Session 23b

Social support attenuates behavioural and neuroendocrine responses to isolation stress in piglets
E. Kanitz, B. Puppe, T. Hameister, A. Tuchscherer and M. Tuchscherer

Comparison of maternal behaviour and biomarkers for stress in beef and dairy cows
K. Hille, S. Theis, M. Piechotta, U. König V. Borstel and M. Gauly

Cortisol and testosterone levels in neuroreflection types of pigs according to habituation
J. Petrák, O. Debrecéni and O. Bucko

Concentrations of IGF-I and cortisol in serum for assessing the sensitivity of pigs to load
J. Petrák, O. Bucko, O. Debrecéni and M. Margetín