Session 24. Balancing metrics of impacts and services to assess sustainability

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Environmental impacts and services of ruminant livestock: overview and insights from Portugal

The role of farm animals in the agroecological transition: evidence from a global FAO tool
Mottet,D. Lucantoni, A. Bicksler and R. Sy

Exploring the ‘indicator explosion’ for the European livestock sector
VanDer Veeken, M. Carozzi, C. Barzola Iza and F. Accatino

Norwegian wood: a key to sustainable feed production and improved land use efficiency?
Møller,S. Samsonstuen and H.F. Olsen

Agro-industrial co-products to improve economic and environmental sustainability of ruminant livestock
Correddu,M.F. Caratzu and G. Pulina

Mapping indicators of farming systems’ robustness to input constraints: a French case study
Pinsardand F. Accatino

Diversification of crop-livestock systems: nutrient cycling and food efficiency implications
Puechand F. Stark

Dual-purpose production of milk and beef – effect on climate change, biodiversity and land use ratio
Samsonstuen,H. Møller, B. Aamaas and H.F. Olsen

Maximizing food production while minimizing inputs in farming systems: studying the trade-off
Pinsardand F. Accatino

Financial and resource efficiency of Atlantic area dairy farms
ShewbridgeCarter and M. March

Integrating ecosystem services in the LCA evaluation of meat of different species
Joly,P.K. Roche and L. Boone

Identification and characterization of agri-forestry system in Portugal through remote sensing
T.G. Morais, R.F.M. Teixeira and T. Domingos

Complementarity between production basins to ensure optimal supply of organic lambs along the year
Benoit,V. Bellet, M. Miquel, S. Béziat and C. Experton