Session 24. Breeding and reproduction in livestock systems in 2030 and beyond: how will science bring us there?

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours

Chairperson: J.G.B. Venneman


Theatre Session 24

FABRE TP: Promoting research and innovation activities in the animal breeding and reproduction sector
invited J. Venneman and M. Van Straten

Genome editing in animal breeding
invited B. Whitelaw

Biotechnologies and precision farming: a new era for the ruminants breeding sector
invited X. David

Poultry breeding towards 2030
invited V. Olori and A.M. Neeteson-Van Nieuwenhoven

Regulatory framework for new breeding technologies
invited J. Venneman



The perspectives of genetically modified livestock in agriculture and biomedicine
invited H. Niemann

Pig breeding into the 21 century a view towards 2030 and beyond
invited C. Lewis

Salmon aquaculture 2030: what difference will new breeding technologies make?
invited A. Norris