Session 24. Epigenetics

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Theatre Session

Effects of aging on epigenetics of immune cells in dairy cattle
invited H. Jammes, A. Chaulot-Talmon, C. Pontelevoy, L. Jouneau, C. Richard, G. Foucras and H. Kiefer

Long-term impact of early life nutrition on DNA methylation patterns in bull sperm
J.P. Perrier, D.A. Kenny, C.J. Byrne, A. Chaulot-Talmon, E. Sellem, L. Schibler, H. Jammes, P. Lonergan, S. Fair and H. Kiefer

Genetic and non-genetic factors determine DNA methylation patterns in bull spermatozoa
J.-P. Perrier, E. Sellem, L. Jouneau, M. Boussaha, C. Hozé, S. Fritz, A. Aubert, C. Le Danvic, D. Boichard, L. Schibler, H. Jammes and H. Kiefer

Gene expression of differentially-methylated genes associated with fertility trait in sheep
O.E. Othman and H. Shafey

Genetic determinism of DNA global methylation rate in sheep
L. Drouilhet, F. Plisson-Petit, D. Marcon, F. Bouvier, C. Moreno, S. Fabre and D. Hazard

Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles of pig testis reveal epigenetic markers/genes for boar taint
X. Wang and H.N. Kadarmideen

Influence of genetic background on the bovine milk microRNA composition
S. Le Guillou, J. Laubier, A. Leduc, F. Launay, S. Barbey, R. Lefebvre, M.-N. Rossignol, S. Marthey, D. Laloë and F. Le Provost

RumimiR: a detailed microRNA database focused on ruminant species
C. Bourdon, P. Bardou, E. Aujean, S. Le Guillou, G. Tosser-Klopp and F. Le Provost

Modulation of gene expression by CNVs
M. Mielczarek, M. Frąszczak and J. Szyda

A generalized relationship matrix suitable for parent-of-origin analyses
N. Reinsch, I. Blunk and M. Mayer

Transgenerational benefits of extruded linseed supply to dairy cows on the reproductive performance
J.M. Ariza, T. Meignan, A. Madouasse, G. Chesneau and N. Bareille

Hypoxia during embryo development induced phenotypic plasticity and affected post hatch performance
A. Haron, D. Shinder and S. Druyan

Prenatal environment affects preweaning milk intake in dairy cattle: preliminary results
K. Verdru, M.L. De Vuyst, M. Hostens and G. Opsomer

Poster Session

Expression of genes involved in the immune mammary gland response potentially regulated by miRNAs
E. Kawecka, M. Rzewuska, E. Kościuczuk, M. Zalewska, K. Pawlina-Tyszko, D. Słoniewska, S. Marczak, T. Ząbek, L. Zwierzchowski and E. Bagnicka

DNA methylation changes with differentiation of intramuscular preadipocyte cells from J. Black cattle
Y. Suda, H. Aso, Y. Hirayama, H. Kitazawa, K. Kato and K. Suzuki

Potential role of epigenetics to improve utilisation of feeds low in n-3 LC-PUFA in aquaculture
S. Turkmen, H. Xu, F. Shajahan, M. Zamorano and M. Izquierdo