Session 24. Interactions between nutrition, genetics and health

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Date: 30 August 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Van Duinkerken

Theatre Session 24

  • The effect of long-term under/over feeding on milk and plasma fatty acids profile and on insulin and leptin concentrations of sheep
    Tsiplakou, E., Chadio, S. and Zervas, G.
  • Association between measurements of assessing selenium status in sheep
    Van Ryssen, J.B.J., Coertse, R.J. and Smith, M.F.
  • Effect of mannan-oligosaccharide supplementation in calf milk replacer on zootechnical and health performances of veal calves
    Bertrand, G., Martineau, C., Andrieu, S. and Warren, H.
  • Effect of dietary threonine on weaned piglets susceptible or not to Escherichia coli K , under E. coli K88 challenge
    Trevisi, P., Simongiovanni, A., Casini, L., Mazzoni, M., Messori, S., Priori, D., Corrent, E. and Bosi, P.
  • Effect of valine on performance of weaning piglets
    Dissler, L., Häberli, M., Probst, S. and Spring, P.
  • Effect of phosphorus level and phytase inclusion on performance, bone mineral concentration and mineral balance in finisher pigs
    Varley, P.F., Callan, J.J. and O’doherty, J.V.
  • Soluble and insoluble fibre from sugar beet pulp enhance intestinal mucosa morphology in young rabbits
    El Abed, N., Delgado, R., Abad, R., Romero, C., Villamide, M.J., Menoyo, D., Carabaño, R. and García, J.

Poster Session 24

  • Forage quality in ewe diets determines fatty acid profile and lipogenic gene expression in Longisimus dorsi of suckling lambs
    Dervishi, E., Joy, M., Alvarez-Rodriguez, J., Serrano, M. and Calvo, J.H.
  • Effects of mannanoligosaccharide–β glucan or antibiotics on health and performance of dairy calves
    Dabiri, N., Nargeskhani, A. and Esmaeilkhaniani, S.
  • Increasing milk selenium concentration by nutritional manipulation
    Yosef, E., Ben-Ghedalia, D., Nikbahat, M. and Miron, J