Session 24. Observations at slaughter to improve welfare and health on pig farms

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Bee

Theatre Session 24

14.00 Meat inspection: a key tool to assess health and welfare at farm level
Invited A. Velarde, M. Oliván, A. Bassols and A. Dalmau

14.45 Monitoring animal welfare problems in fallen stocks
J. Baumgartner, M.T. Magenschab, K. Haas and C. Hofer-Kasztler

15.00 Boar carcass skin lesions reflect their behaviour on farm
D.L. Teixeira, A. Hanlon, N. O’Connell and L.A. Boyle

15.15 Effect of mixing boars prior to slaughter on behaviour and skin lesions
N. Van Staaveren, D. Teixeira, A. Hanlon, N. O’Connell and L. Boyle

15.30 Welfare (findings at slaughter) consequences following a reduction in antibiotic use
N. Dupont and H. Stege


16.15 Feed intake cannot be used as predictor of gastric ulcers in lactating sows
T.S. Bruun, J. Vinther and C.F. Hansen

16.30 Prevalence of gastric ulcers in culled sows is representative of the herd
J. Vinther and T.S. Bruun

16.45 Effect of amount of straw provided to growing/finishing pigs on gastric ulceration at slaughter
M.S. Herskin, H.E. Jensen, A. Jespersen, B. Forkman, M.B. Jensen, N. Canibe and L.J. Pedersen

17.00 Economics of higher health and welfare pig production
B. Vosough Ahmadi, C. Correia-Gomes, E.M. Baxter, R.B. D’Eath, G.J. Gunn and A.W. Stott

17.15 Dynamic monitoring of weight data at the pen vs at the individual level
D.B. Jensen, N. Toft, A.R. Kristensen and C. Cornou


Poster Session  24

Relationship between meat quality and stress biomarkers in pigs
M. Oliván, J. González, A. Bassols, R. Carreras, Y. Potes, E. Mainau, L. Arroyo, R. Peña, A. Coto-Montes, K. Hollung, X. Manteca and A. Velarde