Session 24. Plenary session: new challenges facing animal production for diversified territories, market demands and social expectations

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Date: 27 August 2013; 15:00 – 18.00 hours
Chairperson: Ph. Chemineau

Theatre Session 24

15.00 Herding practices and livestock products in France for 6,000 years: contribution of archeozoology
Invited M.-P. Horard-Herbin

15.30 Whole genome sequencing of livestock: insight in the genetics and molecular mechanisms underlying selection
Invited M. Groenen

16.00 Estimations of nitrogen and phosphorus excretion and emissions by livestock in EU-27
Invited O. Oenema, L. Sebek, H. Kros, J.P. Lesschen, M. Van Krimpen, P. Bikker and G. Velthof

16.30 Prospects from agroecology and industrial ecology for animal production in the 21st century
Invited B. Dumont, L. Fortun-Lamothe, M. Jouven, M. Thomas and M. Tichit

17.00 International issues in dairy cattle genetics
Invited V. Ducrocq