Session 25. ClearFarm: A platform to control animal welfare in pig and cattle farming

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Phenotyping pigs and dairy cows using PLF technologies: applications for animal welfare assessment
Llonchand X. Manteca

Bringing precision livestock farming data to consumers – evidence from a conjoint analysis
Krampe,J.K. Niemi, J. Serratosa and P.T.M. Ingenbleek

Analysis of quality schemes: how far are we from data-driven and animal-based welfare assessment?
Stygar,C. Krampe, P. Llonch and J. Niemi

Individual feeding patterns as indicators of pig welfare
E.A.M. Bokkers, J.D. Bus, J. Engel, R. Wehrens and I.J.M.M. Boumans

Validating play behaviour as a positive welfare indicator in pigs (Sus scrofa) around weaning
AmorimFranchi, M.L.V. Larsen, I.H. Kristoffersen, J.F.M. Winters, M.B. Jensen and L.J. Pedersen

Comparative study between scan sampling observations and automatic monitoring image systems in pigs
Allueva-Molina,H.-L. Ko, Y. Gómez, P. Fuentes Pardo, X. Manteca and P. Llonch

Classification of dairy cattle welfare status using sensor data – ClearFarm pilot studies
Stygar,L. Frondelius, G. Berteselli, Y. Gómez, E. Canali, J. Niemi, P. Llonch and M. Pastell

Behavioural traits from accelerometers to alert the potential occurrence of acidosis in dairy cows
Gómez,G. Berteselli, E. Dalla Costa, E. Canali, D. Ruiz, X. Manteca and P. Llonch

Correlations between environmental data with activity level and respiratory health by PLF sensors
H.-L. Ko, P. Fuentes Pardo, X. Manteca and P. Llonch

Relationship between climatic and housing conditions and carcass diagnostics using sensor technology
G.B.C. Backus


Decrease in rumination as early warning indicator of clinical mastitis onset in high-producing dairy
G.V. Berteselli, E. Dalla Costa, Y. Gómez Herrera, M.G. Riva, S. Barbieri, R. Zanchetta, P. Llonch, X. Manteca and E. Canali

Correlation of physiology and behaviour traits from PLF sensors with salivary biomarkers in dairy cow
Gómez,M. Contreras, J. Cerón, D. Ruiz, X. Manteca and P. Llonch