Session 25. Free communications – molecular genetics

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Date: 28 August 2013; 08:30 – 11.30 hours
Chairperson: Simianer

Theatre Session 25

08.30 Improving and adding value to the pig genome sequence
A.L. Archibald, L. Eory, T. Hubbard, S.M.J. Searle, P. Flicek, L.B. Schook and M.A.M. Groenen

08.45 Pleiotropic effects of a QTL region for androstenone level on pig chromosome 6
A.M. Hidalgo, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, B. Harlizius, E. Knol and M.A.M. Groenen

09.00 Using NGS data to characterize genetics of meet-type and egg-type chicken lines
P.F. Roux, F. Lecerf, A. Djari, D. Esquerre, S. Marthey, T. Zerjal, E. Le Bihan-Duval, C. Klopp, M. Moroldo, J. Estelle, C. Désert, B. Bed’hom, M. Tixier-Boichard, O. Demeure and S. Lagarrigue

09.15 Association study of candidate genes selected in QTL regions for immune responses in chickens
M. Siwek, A. Slawinska, M. Rydzanicz, J. Wesoly, M. Fraszczak, T. Suchocki and J. Szyda

09.30 A comparison of methodologies to locate autosomal recessive genetic diseases using SNP chip genotype
G.E. Pollott

09.45 FST as an indicator of selective sweeps using admixed animals as a control
A. Frkonja, G. Meszaros, I. Curik, J. Solkner, U. Schnyder and B. Gredler

10.00 Introgression of European Bos taurus genome in Ugandan taurine and zebuine cattle breeds
R. Negrini, M. Milanesi, E. Eufemi, A. Stella, S. Joost, S. Stucki, P. Taberlet, F. Pompanon, F. Kabi, V. Muwanika, C. Masembe and L. Colli

10.45 Genome wide association study of insect bite hypersensitivity in two populations of Icelandic horses
M. Shrestha, L.S. Andersson, F. Fikse, T. Bergström, A. Schurink, B.J. Ducro, S. Eriksson and G. Lindgren

11.00 Influence of lactation during pregnancy on epigenetic regulation of genes in dairy cattle
A. Bach and A. Aris

11.15 A novel method allows accurate identification of key ancestors within populations
M. Neuditschko, R. Von Niederhäusern, H. Signer-Hasler, C. Flury, M. Frischknecht, T. Leeb, E. Jonas, M.S. Khatkar, H.W. Raadsma and S. Rieder


Poster Session 25

Identification of candidate polymorphism in a QTL region by combining eQTL mapping with NGS data
P.F. Roux, Y. Blum, C. Désert, A. Djari, D. Esquerre, E. Le Bihan-Duval, B. Bed’hom, P. Le Roy, F. Lecerf, M. Moroldo, S. Marthey, C. Klopp, S. Lagarrigue and O. Demeure

Genetic variation in choice consistency for cows accessing automatic milking units
P. Løvendahl, L.P. Sørensen, M. Bjerring and J. Lassen

Comparison of the immune responses of crossbred line of mice selected for two different immunities
T. Miyazaki, D. Ito, Y. Miyauchi, T. Shimazu and K. Suzuki

Genetic relationships of lactation persistency with test-day milk yields and somatic cell scores
T. Yamazaki, K. Hagiya, H. Takeda, O. Sasaki, S. Yamaguchi, M. Sogabe, Y. Saito, Y. Nakagawa, K. Togashi, K. Suzuki and Y. Nagamine

The polymorphism of DGAT1 gene in Polish maternal PL, PLW and native Pulawska breeds
M. Szyndler-Nedza, K. Piórkowska, K. Ropka-Molik and T. Blicharski

Lactoferrin content in milk of dairy cows in relation to gene polymorphisms and udder health status
G. Sender, A. Pawlik, A. Korwin-Kossakowska and J. Oprzadek

Identification of reproductive trait loci on chromosomes 7 and 9 of Large White pigs through WGAS
R. Otsu, K. Watanabe, T. Shimazu, T. Matumoto, E. Kobayashi, S. Mikawa and K. Suzuki

Genomic prediction of milk production traits in German Holstein cows incorporating dominance
C. Heuer and G. Thaller

Developing the index of productive value for beef breed bulls in Poland
Z. Choroszy and B. Choroszy

Genetic correlations between type traits of young Polish Holstein-Friesian bulls and their daughters
W. Jagusiak, A. Otwinowska-Mindur, E. Ptak and A. Zarnecki

Estimation of dominance variance with sire-dam subclass effects in a crossbred population of pigs
M. Dufrasne, V. Jaspart, J. Wavreille and N. Gengler

Paternal genomic imprinting and maternal animal models
A. González-Rodríguez, E.F. Mouresan, J. Altarriba, C. Díaz, C. Meneses, C. Moreno and L. Varona

Effect of calving ease and calf mortality on functional longevity in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
M. Morek-Kopec and A. Zarnecki

Estimation of causal structure of growth and reproductive traits in Syrian hamsters
T. Okamura, M. Nishio, E. Kobayashi and M. Satoh

Identification of QTL for prognostic ketosis biomarkers in primiparous dairy cows
J. Tetens, C. Heuer, M.S. Klein, G. Thaller, W. Gronwald, W. Junge, P.J. Oefner and N. Buttchereit

Investigation of genes related to lipid metabolism as candidate for sexual precocity in Nellore
M.M. Dias, H.N. Oliveira, F.R.P. Souza, L.G. Albuquerque, L. Takada and I.D.P.S. Diaz

Detection of QTL influencing egg production in layers receiving various diets
H. Romé, A. Varenne, F. Hérault, H. Chapuis, C. Alleno, A. Vignal, T. Burlot and P. Le Roy

Improving genetic evaluation of litter size and piglet mortality by combining marker information
X. Guo, O.F. Christensen, T. Ostersen, D.A. Sørensen, Y. Wang, M.S. Lund and G. Su

QTL detection for growth and carcass quality traits thanks to a high density SNP chip in pig
F. Hérault, M. Damon, J. Pires, J. Glénisson, C. Chantry-Darmon, P. Cherel and P. Le Roy

Candidate genes for fatty acid composition assessed with FT-NIR spectroscopy in heavy pigs
D. Guiatti, B. Gaspardo, M. Fanzago, S. Sgorlon, C. Fabro and B. Stefanon

New SNP in calpastatin gene associated with meat tenderness and frequency in different cattle breeds
L.P. Iguácel, J.H. Calvo, J.K. Kirinus, M. Serrano, G. Ripoll, I. Casasús, M. Joy, L. Pérez-Velasco, P. Sarto, P. Albertí and M. Blanco

An example of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in ovine: Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase (SCD)
L. González-Calvo, E. Dervishi, M. Serrano, G. Ripoll, F. Molino, M. Joy and J.H. Calvo

Next generation sequencing and de novo assembly of a Nelore (Bos indicus) bull genome
L.C. Cintra, A. Zerlotini, F.P. Lobo, F.R. Da Silva, P.F. Giachetto, P.K. Falcao, L.O.C. Silva, A.A. Egito, F. Siqueira, N.M.A. Silva, S.R. Paiva, M.E.B. Yamagishi and A.R. Caetano

Associations of SNPs in leptin and Pit-1 genes with long-life milk production traits in cattle
N. Moravcíková, A. Trakovická and R. Kasarda

Accuracy of genomic prediction in Chinese triple-yellow chicken
T. Liu, H. Qu, C. Luo, D. Shu, M.S. Lund and G. Su

Genetic determinism of sexual development and boar taint in Pietrain and Pietrain × Large White pigs
C. Larzul, A. Prunier, N. Muller, S. Jaguelin, R. Comté, C. Hassenfratz and M.J. Mercat

Genotypes imputation as a supporting method in pedigree control in Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle
K. Zukowski, A. Gurgul, D. Rubis and A. Radko

Genomic-wide scan of ovulation rates in beef heifers and cows
A. Vinet, J.L. Touzé, F. Guillaume, J. Sapa and F. Phocas

Genetic study of mortality rate in Danish dairy cows: a multivariate competing risk analysis
R.P. Maia, P. Madsen, J. Pedersen and R. Labouriau

A single nucleotide polymorphism in the 5´UTR of ovine FASN gene is associated with milk fat yield
A. Sanz, C. Serrano, J.H. Calvo, P. Zaragoza, J. Altarriba and C. Rodellar

Immune response of the chicken lymphocytes activated with KLH, LPS and LTA antigens
M. Siwek, A. Slawinska, K. Sikorski and H. Bluijssen

Comparison of mapping accuracy between methods predicting QTL allele identity using haplotypes
L.J. Jacquin, J.M. Elsen and H. Gilbert

Polymorphism of SNPs dedicated for parentage testing in two Polish cattle populations
D. Rubis, A. Gurgul, A. Radko and K. Zukowski

Old and recent inbreeding impact in litter composition in Gazella cuvieri
M.B. Ibáñez, I. Cervantes, F. Goyache, E. Moreno and J.P. Gutiérrez

Sire × contemporary group to model genotype by environment interaction in genetic evaluations
J.P. Eler, M.L. Santana Jr, A.B. Bignardi and J.B.S. Ferraz

Estimation of genetic parameters of racing traits of Arabian horses in Algeria
S. Tennah, N. Kafidi, N. Antoine-Moussiaux, C. Michaux, P. Leroy and F. Farnir

Economical weighting of breeding objectives and definition of total merit indexes in BMC sheep breed
A. Cheype, J. Guerrier, F. Tortereau, D. François, J.P. Poivey, K. Chile and J. Raoul

Inclusion of correlated random effects in proportional hazards frailty models with The Survival Kit
G. Mészáros, J. Sölkner and V. Ducrocq

Strategies to determine the necessary number of phenotyped candidates in genomic selection
T.O. Okeno, M. Henryon and A.C. Sørensen

Joint estimation of recombination fraction and linkage disequilibrium for phasing long haplotypes
L. Gomez-Raya, A. Hulse, D. Thain and W.M. Rauw

Non-additive genetic effects increase additive genetic variation and long-term response to selection
H. Esfandyari, M. Henryon, P. Berg, J.R. Thomasen, P. Bijma and A.C. Sørensen

Inbreeding and homozygosity in the Thoroughbred horse
L.A. Khrabrova

Polymorphism evaluation of microsatellite markers in native Russian horse breeds
L.A. Khrabrova and M.A. Zaitceva

Genetic components of piglet production and sow production in the Chinese-European line Tai Zumu
M. Banville, J. Riquet, L. Canario and M. Sourdioux

Genomic analysis of water holding capacity of meat in a porcine resource population
H. Heidt, M.U. Cinar, S. Sahadevan, C. Looft, D. Tesfaye, E. Tholen, A. Becker, A. Zimmer, K. Schellander and C. Große- Brinkhaus

Estimation of genetic parameters and breeding values for the major Swiss dairy goat breeds
B. Bapst, J. Moll, C. Baes and U. Herren

Gene expression phenotypes for cattle and sheep management
B.P. Dalrymple, N.J. Hudson, A. Reverter, N. Dejager, K. Kongsuwan, B. Guo, P. Greenwood and R. Barnard

Detection of population genetic structure when groups of relatives exist
S.T. Rodríguez-Ramilo, M.A. Toro and J. Fernández

Genetic variability of the equine casein genes
J. Schwarz, G. Thaller and J. Tetens

Genetic parameters of immune response in pigs and covariation with growth and carcass traits
J.P. Bidanel, D. Desson, Y. Billon, I. Oswald, J. Estelle and C. Rogel-Gaillard

Estimation of longevity breeding values using sire-maternal grand sire or animal model
J. Jenko and V. Ducrocq

Estimation under random designs: the case of pedigrees
P. Fullsack, B. Smith and C. Herbinger

Pedigree based monitoring of the effective population size through the PopREP web service
E. Groeneveld, C. Kehr-Apelt, R. Fischer and M. Klunker

Fine mapping of QTL of carcass and meat quality traits in a chicken slow-growing line
S. Allais, C. Hennequet-Antier, C. Berri, M. Chabault, F. D’ Abbadie, O. Demeure and E. Le Bihan-Duval

Genetic parameters of milk coagulation traits in the first three lactations using random regression
D. Pretto, M. Vallas, H. Viinalass, E. Pärna and T. Kaart

Is there interest in implementing genomic evaluations in a pig male line nucleus? A simulation study
T. Tribout, C. Larzul and F. Phocas

Which quality indicators could be the success key for the rare breeds development?
L. Markey and C. Couzy

Genotype imputation in Nelore cattle
R. Carvalheiro, J. Sölkner, H. Neves, Y. Utsunomiya, A. Pérez O’Brien, S. Boison, M. Silva, C. Tassel, T. Sonstegard, J. McEwan, F. Schenkel and J. Garcia

Comparison on GWAS using different models and different markers data sets
X.P. Wu, G. Su, G. Sahana, B. Guldbrandtsen, D. Sun, Q. Zhang and M.S. Lund

Population level genome-wide association study for calving traits in Holstein cattle
X. Mao, G. Sahana, D.J. De Koning and B. Guldbrandtsen

Combination of two polymorphisms in leptin gene influences milk performance traits in Holstein cows
J. Tomka, D. Vašícek, M. Bauer, K. Vašícková, M. Oravcová, J. Huba and D. Peškovicová

Microsatellite DNA polymorphism in some naked neck village chicken genotypes
L. Mercan and A. Okumus

The correlation matrix of additive marker effects in full sibs
S. Bonk, F. Teuscher and N. Reinsch

A method of separating genetic variance of litter weight into direct and maternal genetic variances
M. Satoh

Genetic parameters of faecal worm egg count and objective wool traits in the Tygerhoek Merino flock
P.A.M. Matebesi-Ranthimo, S.W.P. Cloete, J.B. Van Wyk and J.J. Olivier

Evaluation of genetic diversity in the Slovak Simmental breed using SNP analyses of genetic markers
A. Trakovická, N. Moravcíková and A. Navrátilová

Estimation of genetic parameters for stillbirth of Japanese Black cattle in Japan
S. Maeda, T. Yonekawa, Y. Furukawa and K. Kuchida

Comparison of the survival analysis with random regression model for genetic evaluation of herd life
O. Sasaki, M. Aihara, A. Nishiura, H. Takeda and M. Satoh

β-defensin genes expression in udder secretory tissue infected with coagulase-positive Staphyloccoci
E. Bagnicka, E. Kosciuczuk, J. Jarczak, P. Lisowski, A. Józwik, N. Strzalkowska, D. Sloniewska, J. Krzyzewski and L. Zwierzchowski

Genetic parameters for calf survivability for beef cattle in the Czech Republic
L. Vostry, B. Hofmanova, Z. Vesela, I. Majzlík and M. Milerski

Genetic structure in four selected pig populations of Czech Republic using microsatellite markers
I. Vrtkova, L. Stehlik, L. Putnova, L. Kratochvilova and L. Falkova

Sire effects on longevity depending on POTS in Holstein population in Japan
Y. Terawaki, A. Nomura, H. Nagata, S. Yamaguchi, Y. Gotoh and V. Ducrocq

Genetic analysis of milk fatty acids composition of Italian Brown Swiss cows
A. Cecchinato, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon, M. Mele, J. Casellas and G. Bittante

Genetic parameters for body conformation scores and heifer pregnancy in Nelore cattle
J.P. Eler, M.L. Santana Jr, D.C. Cucco, A.B. Bignardi and J.B.S. Ferraz