Session 25. Perspectives in sustainable aquaculture

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: I. Župan

Theatre Session 25

Perspectives in sustainable aquaculture
S. Čolak, R. Barić, D. Desnica and M. Domijan

Gilthead seabream predation on mussel farms: a growing conflict
T. Segvic-Bubic, L. Grubisic, I. Talijancic and I. Zuzul

Growth of the Great Mediterranean scallop (Pecten jacobaeus) in the Novigrad Sea (Croatia)
B. Baždarić, M. Peharda, T. Šarić and I. Župan

Growth and mortality of oysters (Crassostrea gigas, Thunberg 1793) in Sacca degli Scardovari (Italy)
A. Trocino, C. Zomeño, F. Gratta, M. Birolo, A. Pascual, F. Bordignon, E. Rossetti and G. Xiccato

Novigrad mussels in process of PDO labelling: opportunities and challenges
T. Šarić, B. Baždarić, N. Perović, F. Dadić, L. Mulić and I. Župan

Genetic gain from genomic evaluation in fish breeding programs with separate rearing of families
S. García-Ballesteros, J. Fernández and B. Villanueva

Transcriptome analysis and classifications of sex using neural network in domesticated zebrafish
S. Hosseini, S. Herzog, N.T. Ha, C. Falker-Gieske, B. Brenig, J. Tetens, H. Simianer and A.R. Sharifi

Deltamethrin efficacy in controlling parasite Ceratothoa oestroides in Dicentrarchus labrax farming
S. Čolak, R. Barić, M. Kolega, D. Mejdandžić, B. Mustać, B. Petani and T. Šarić

Efficiency of different genomic coancestry matrices to maximize genetic variability in turbot select
E. Morales-González, M. Saura, A. Fernández, J. Fernández, S. Cabaleiro, P. Martinez and B. Villanueva

Growth of Chlamys varia (Linnaeus, 1758) in experimental cages in the south Adriatic sea
N. Antolovic, V. Kozul, N. Glavic, J. Bolotin and M. Rathman

Poster Session 25

Cryopreservation of Black sharkminnow, Labeo chrysophekadion (Bleeker, 1849) spermatozoa
S.. Ponchunchoovong

Gonad development in adult giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus)
S. Kubota, S. Boonanuntanasarn, P. Bunlipatanon, N. Saen-In, O. Mengyu, S. Detsathit, R. Yazawa and G. Yoshizaki

Morphological pattern of the gills in various body mass rainbow trout reared by different technology
J. Szarek, E. Strzyżewska-Worotyńska, A. Dzikowski and K. Wąsowicz