Session 25. Sheep and goat feeding and health

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Ugarte

Theatre Session 25

14.00 Effect of different dietary protein sources on productive performance of Farafra sheep
H.H. Abd El-Rahman, Y.A.A. El-Nomeary, A.A. Abedo, M.I. Mohamed and F.M. Salman

14.15 Influence of GH genotype and feeding regime on reproductive parameters in Serra da Estrela ewes
M.R. Marques, J.P. Barbas, J.M. Ribeiro, A.T. Belo, T. Cunha, P. Mesquita, R.M.L.N. Pereira and C.C. Belo

14.30 Use of non-traditional feed ingredients in goats diet
H.M. El-Sayed, A.A. Abedo and N.E. El-Bordeny

14.45 The effect of feeding level on goats milk fatty acids and on insulin and leptin concentrations
E. Tsiplakou, S. Chadio and G. Zervas

15.00 Effect of Rosmarinus officinalis on growth, blood factors and immune response of newborn goat kids
B. Shokrollahi, F. Amini, S. Fakour and F. Kheirollahi

15.15 Relations among birth weight and some body measurements at birth in Saanen kids
H. Onder, U. Sen, S. Ocak, O. Gulboy, C. Tirink and H.S. Abaci

15.30 Concentrations of NEFA, lactate and glucose in lambs are different to cattle at slaughter
S.M. Stewart, P. McGilchrist, G.E. Gardner and D.W. Pethick


16.15 Validation of indicators to assess consciousness in sheep
M.T.W. Verhoeven, M.A. Gerritzen, L.J. Hellebrekers and B. Kemp

16.30 Effect of breed and litter size on the display of maternal and offspring postnatal behavior in sheep
P. Simitzis, K. Galani, P. Koutsouli and I. Bizelis

16.45 Sire selection for muscling improves the lightness and redness of lamb meat
H.B. Calnan, R.H. Jacob, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

17.00 Effect of age on sensory scores of Australian Merino sheep meat
L. Pannier, G.E. Gardner, A.J. Ball and D.W. Pethick

17.15 A dual X-ray absorptiometer for estimating body composition in lamb abattoirs
G.E. Gardner, R. Glendenning, R. Coatsworth and A. Williams


Poster Session  25

Paper based point of care testing for detection of Staphylococcus in milk from sheep and cow
L. Chapaval, E. Carrilho, M.D. Rabelo, L.F. Zafalon, J. Oiano and A.R.A. Nogueira

Ultrasound measurements of longissimus dorsi and subcutaneous fat in Teleorman Black head lambs
E. Ghita, C. Lazar, R. Pelms, M. Gras, T. Mihalcea and M. Ropota

Determining body condition score and milk somatic cell count of Turkish Saanen goats
S. Atasever, U. Sen and H. Önder

Prediction of pelvic area through body measurements in Dorper ewes
I.M. Van Rooyen and P.J. Fourie

Effects of condensed tannins on weight gain and intake of boar goats in savannas
S.P. Dludla, L.E. Dziba, P.F. Scogings and F.F. Fon

The effect of a PMSG treatment on parturition time in Saanen does
U. Sen and H. Onder

Faecal NIR to predict chemical composition of diets consumed by ewes
N. Núñez-Sánchez, A.L. Martínez Marín, M. Pérez Hernández and D. Carrion

Influence of dietary extruded linseed on goat cheese fatty acid profile
M. Renna, C. Lussiana, A. Mimosi and R. Fortina

Effect of glycerol on in vitro fermentation parameters and digestibility
E.H.C.B. Van Cleef, J.M.B. Ezequiel, A.P. D’Aurea, M.T.C. Almeida, H.L. Perez, J.R. Paschoaloto, F.O. Scarpino-Van Cleef and F.B. Costa

Estimation of some meat quality parameters using artificial neural networks
U. Sen, O. Gulboy and H. Onder

Deuterium enrichment in body water of sheep after intravenous or intraruminal administration of D2O
C.C. Metges, S. Goers, H.M. Hammon, U. Agarwal and B.J. Bequette

Lamb birth weight and beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration in ewes fed diet containing crude glycerin
D.M. Polizel, R.S. Gentil, E.M. Ferreira, R.A. Souza, A.P.A. Freire, F.L.M. Silva, M.C.A. Sucupira and I. Susin

Feeding silage from olive cake improves milk fatty acid composition in sheep milk
O. Tzamaloukas, M. Orford, D. Miltiadou, M. Hadjipanayiotou and C. Papachristoforou

Covariance components for milk traits using multi-trait regression model for Alpine goat in Croatia
M. Špehar, D. Mulc, D. Jurković and Z. Barać

Fatty acid composition in intramuscular and subcutaneous fat of light carcass lambs
M. Margetín, M. Oravcová, J. Tomka, P. Polák, D. Peškovičová and Z. Horečná

Plasma antioxidant stability of Churra ewes supplemented with grape pomace
C. Guerra-Rivas, B. Gallardo, A.R. Mantecón and T. Manso

Grape pomace in early lactating ewes: milk performance and oxidative stability of lambs meat
C. Guerra-Rivas, B. Gallardo, P. Lavín, A.R. Mantecón, C. Vieira and T. Manso

Kinetics of lithium chloride excretion in conditioned averted dairy goats
C.L. Manuelian, E. Albanell, M. Rovai, A.A.K. Salama, G. Caja and R. Guitart

B and T-cell epitopes prediction for Brucella melitensis OMP25 antigen
S. Yousefi, M. Tahmoorespour, M.H. Sekhavati, T. Abbassi Daloii and A.A. Khabiri

Effect of the vitamin E supplementation prior to slaughter on plasma metabolites in light lambs
L. Gonzalez-Calvo, M. Blanco, F. Molino, J.H. Calvo and M. Joy

Influence of birth weight and feeding program on growth performance of Baladi kids fed milk replacer
R. El Balaa, P. Aad and S. Abi Saab

Construction of two-promoter vector for co-expression of Omp25 and Omp31 antigens of B. melitensis
M.H. Sekhavati, M. Tahmoorespour, T. Abbassi-Daloii, S. Yousefi, A.A. Khabiri, R. Akbari and M. Azghandi

Stage of lactation affects the fatty acid profile of Chios sheep milk
O. Tzamaloukas, M. Orford, D. Miltiadou and C. Papachristoforou

Digestibility and microbial protein synthesis of sheep treated with Bacillus thuringiensis
F.C. Campos, P.P. Santos, P.S. Corrêa, R. Monnerat, C.M. Macmanus, A.L. Abdalla and H. Louvandini

Fatty acids of intramuscular fat in light carcass lambs raised in different nutritional conditions
M. Margetín, D. Apolen, M. Oravcová, K. Vavrišinová, O. Bučko and L. Luptáková

Milk quality of indigenous Greek dairy sheep and goats raised under different production systems
A. Tzora, I. Skoufos, C.G. Fthenakis, G. Tsangaris, G. Bramis, A. Karamoutsios, A. Gelasakis and G. Arsenos

Robust Sheep EID: novel electronic tools are needed to aid the enforcement of EU regulation 21/2004
R. Mobæk, E.N. Sossidou, E. Ugarte, A. Lauvie, G. Molle, D. Gavojdian, G. Steinheim and Ø. Holand

In vitro studies on milk properties of the indigenous breed Capra prisca in nitric oxide stimulation
I. Skoufos, A. Metsios, A. Tzora, C.G. Fthenakis, G. Arsenos, G. Tsangaris, G. Papadopoulos, C. Voidarou and S. Karkabounas

Milk composition of ewes fed diets with soybean seeds
N.M.B.L. Zeola, A.G. Silva Sobrinho, C.T. Hatsumura, T.H. Borghi, V.T. Santana, F.A. Merlim, C.R. Viegas, J.C. Barbosa, R.S. Romeiro, S.W.B. Santos and A. Fernandes

Study of mastitis in Valle del Belice dairy sheep using survival analysis approach
A.M. Sutera, M. Tolone, D.O. Maizon, M.L. Scatassa and B. Portolano

Nutraceutical characteristics of meat from lambs fed diets containing mulberry hay
A.G. Silva Sobrinho, L.G.A. Cirne, V.T. Santana, E.A. Oliveira, F.A. Almeida, V. Endo and N.M.B.L. Zeola