Session 25. Young Train: Innovative research and extension in dairy farming, cattle and products

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson:A. Kuipers / P. Aad


Theatre Session 25

Agreement of two Laser Methane Detectors with respiration chambers and in a dairy barn
D. Sorg, S. Mühlbach, F. Rosner, B. Kuhla, M. Derno, S. Meese, A. Schwarm and H.H. Swalve

Factors associated with IgG concentration and specific antibody inhibition in bovine colostrum in NI
A. Dunn, S. Morrison, A. Ashfield, M. Welsh and A. Gordon

Metabolic adaptation of periparturient dairy cows characterised by changes of the blood metabolome
Á. Kenéz, S. Dänicke, M. Von Bergen and K. Huber

An automated warning system for lameness in dairy cows
D. Piette, T. Norton and D. Berckmans

The use of mid-infrared spectrometry to estimate the ration composition of lactating dairy cows
M. Klaffenböck, A. Steinwidder, C. Fasching, G. Terler, L. Gruber, G. Mészáros and J. Sölkner

Myoepithelial cell contraction participates in mammary epithelial cell exfoliation in cow milk
L. Herve, H. Quesnel, S. Wiart, P. Lamberton, C. Mustière, V. Lollivier and M. Boutinaud

Evaluation of genetic beta casein variations in a dairy cattle herd in Germany
A.-S. Kraus, M. Bernau, E. Märtlbauer and A.M. Scholz


Replacing grass silage with forage pea silages in the diet of dairy cows on milk fatty acid profile
C.E.A. Campbell, J.A. Huntington and L.A. Sinclair

Comparative performance of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows of contrasting Economic Breeding Index
M. O’Sullivan, S. McParland, K.M. Pierce and F. Buckley

Profiles of mammary adaptability and associated traits in dairy cows using a 24-h milking interval
C. Charton, H. Larroque and J. Guinard-Flament

Discovery of new αs2-casein isoforms suggests 2 phosphorylation pathways
Z.H. Fang, M.H.P.W. Visker, G. Miranda, A. Delacroix-Buchet, H. Bovenhuis and P. Martin

Dietary inclusion of marine algae and its impact on milk composition and performance in dairy cows
B.E. Till, J.A. Huntington, J. Taylor-Pickard and L.A. Sinclair

Comparative efficiency of lactation curve models using Irish experimental dairy farms data
F. Zhang and M. Murphy

American and German citizen attitudes towards cow-calf separation on dairy farms
G. Busch, D.M. Weary, A. Spiller and M.A.G. Von Keyserlingk


Posters Session

Tasting acid coagulated, ripened and blue goat cheese combined with tocte, honey and blackberry jam
V. Inca Guerrero, E. Ureña Ureña, I. Barba Cuji, J. Palmay Paredes, C. Hernández Maya, R. Remache, J. Espinoza Castro, J. Erazo Solines and D. Sánchez Macías

Characterizing the mammary epithelial cell exfoliation process during milking in dairy cows
L. Herve, V. Lollivier, P. Lamberton, S. Wiart, S. Philau, H. Quesnel and M. Boutinaud

Actual purchase dairy products and expectative after introducing the goat cheese benefits to Andeans
V. Inca Guerrero, E. Ureña Ureña, I. Barba Cuji, R. Remache, J. Palmay Paredes, C. Hernández Maya, J. Espinoza Castro and D. Sánchez Macías

Milking interval and cisternal udder evaluation in Egyptian Maghrebi camels (Camelus dromedarius L.)
E.B. Abdalla, G. Caja, A.F. Seioudy, O.A. Salama and M.H. Farouk

Relationship between in-line recorded milk flow rate and longevity in Estonian Holstein cows
T. Kaart, A. Tänavots, M. Liiva and H. Viinalass

Feed intake of dairy cows ante partum and the effect of milk production and metabolism post partum
P. Kühne, H. Scholz and T. Engelhard

The use of soy lecithin in fatty dairy cows during perinatal period
E. Wojtas and A. Zachwieja

Genetic relationships between fertility and milk coagulation in two Estonian dairy cattle breeds
M. Liiva, T. Kaart, M. Vallas and H. Viinalass

Measurement of rumen filling and relation to feed intake of German Holstein cows
P. Kühne, H. Scholz and T. Engelhard

The effect of n-3 fatty acid supplementation on oxidative status in calves
K. Śpitalniak, R. Kupczynski, K. Pogoda-Sewerniak and A. Zwyrzykowska