Session 26. Climate care dairy farming

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Climate care cattle farming initiative
GrootKoerkamp, D. Ruska, A. Cieslak, S. Koenig, V. Juskiene, N. Edouard, X. Verge, M. Barbari, Galamaand A. Kuipers

Climate care research and applications in Portugal
Trindadeand D. Fangueiro

Rethinking methane from animal agriculture

Effective nutritional strategies to mitigate enteric methane in dairy cattle
A.N. Hristov, A. Melgar, D. Wasson and C. Arndt

Challenges for climate care dairy farming in the Netherlands
P.J. Galama, J. Zijlstra and A. Kuipers

First results of a screening method for GHG emission measurements in European dairy cattle barns
Vergé, P. Robin, V.Becciolini, A. Cieślak, N. Edouard, L. Fermer, P. Galama, P. Hargreaves, V. Juškienė, G. Kadžiene, H. Schilder, L. Leso, A.-S. Lissy, J. Priekulis, B. Rees, D. Ruska and M. Szumacher- Strabel

Genome wide associations for methane emissions in dairy cows
Fehmer,J. Herold, P. Engel, T. Yin and S. König

Nitrogen excretion and ammonia emissions in dairy cows fed low-N fresh grass and maize silage
Ferreira,R. Delagarde and N. Edouard

Two experimental dairy systems built to decrease the carbon footprint
Brocard,S. Foray, E. Tranvoiz and L. Morin


Monitoring indoor climate in a dairy barn

NMVOC emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy housing – comparison of different diets
Schrade,M. Zaehner, K. Zeyer, S. Wyss, D. Steger, J. Mohn and F. Dohme-Meier

Simulation of enteric methane emission friendly management strategies in Danish dairy herds
V.M. Thorup, A.B. Kudahl, L. Chen and S. Østergaard
Asparagopsis taxiformis infused vegetable oils: a solution to reduce ruminant methane emissions
D.M. Soares, R. Torres, A.M. Campos, A.P. Portugal, M.T. Dentinho, L. Mata and R.J. Bessa

Polyphenols in apple pomace decrease ruminal methane production in dairy cows
A.C. Cieślak, J.A. Jóźwik, H.J. Horbańczuk, K.M. Kozłowska, G.M. Gogulski, S.M. Skorupka, W.B. Wyrwał, J.W. Jaworski, P.D. Petric and S.Z.S.M. Szumacher-Strabel

Life cycle assessment of current and future pasture-based dairy production systems
Herron,D. O’Brien and L. Shalloo

Water quality in dairy cattle farms: impact on animal production, reproduction and health