Session 26. Organic livestock farming – challenges and future perspectives

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: T. Kristensen

Theatre Session 26

14.00 Organic resilient animal farming systems to meet future livestock production challenges
Invited M. Vaarst

14.45 What makes organic livestock production sustainable?
F.W. Oudshoorn, A. Stubsgaard and C.G. Sørensen

15.00 Organic livestock farming systems in the Central France: evolution of the performances and drivers
P. Veysset, M. Benoit, J. Belvèze, O. Patout, J.L. Reuillon, E. Morin and M. Vallas

15.15 Definition of a global research program for organic farming in Walloon area for 2015-2020 horizon
D. Stilmant, D. Jamar, V. Decruyenaere, A. Vankeerberghen, M. Abras and E. Froidmont

15.30 Challenges and future perspectives of different organic beef cattle farms of Southern Europe
A.J. Escribano, P. Gaspar, F.J. Mesias, M. Escribano and A.F. Pulido


16.15 Characteristics of the diets in organic pig production
A. Prunier, G. Rudolph, D. Bochicchio, G. Butler, S. Dippel and C. Leeb

16.30 Mussel meal in diets to growing/finishing pigs: influence on performance and carcass quality
A. Wallenbeck, M. Neil, N. Lundeheim and K.H. Andersson

16.45 Performance and behaviour of free-range pigs in relation to feed protein level and forage crop
M. Jakobsen and A.G. Kongsted

17.00 Anti-parasitic effects of plant secondary metabolites on swine nematodes
A.R. Williams, M. Peña, C. Fryganas, H.M. Ropiak, A. Ramsay, I. Mueller-Harvey and S.M. Thamsborg

17.15 Effect of genotype, sow rearing system and outdoor access on piglet survival in extensive systems
H.M. Vermeer, G.P. Binnendijk and J. Leenhouwers


Poster Session  26

Milk production and fatty acid content in milk on organic farms feeding three levels of herb silage
M.B. Petersen, K. Søegaard and S.K. Jensen

Evaluation the autochthonous genetic resources and their use in organic sheep production in Serbia
M. Savic, S. Prodanovic, S. Vuckovic, B. Dimitrijevic, Z. Beckei and M. Vegara

The effect of laying hens age on egg quality in organic farming
L. Zita, Z. Ledvinka and Z. Volek

Effect of age of buffalo cows on milk yield and composition in low input organic production system
B. Barna and G. Holló