Session 26B. Cattle production free communications

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Date: 28 August 2013; 09:45 – 11.30 hours
Chairperson: Kuipers

Theatre Session 26b

09.45 Grazing and dairy payments: developments in the Netherlands
A. Elgersma

10.00 An empirical study of strategies for organic dairy farms in Austria
S. Kirchweger and M. Eder

10.45 Supplementary crude protein and phosphorus levels: effect on spring milk production in dairy cows
M. Reid, M. O’donovan, C. Elliott, J. Bailey, C. Watson, J. Murphy, F. Coughlan and E. Lewis

11.00 Genetic evaluation of in-line recorded milkability from milking parlor and automatic milking systems
C. Carlström, G. Pettersson, K. Johansson, E. Strandberg, H. Stålhammar and J. Philipsson

11.15 Integrating pasture into a saturated robotic milking system: 4 years of experiments in Derval
T. Huneau, V. Brocard and M. Fougere


Poster Session 26b

Descriptive analysis of milk official recordings and phenotypic trends by breed in Italy
M. Cappelloni, N. Guzzo, C. Sartori and R. Mantovani

Genetic gain in the breeding program of Pinzgau cattle under restriction of increase of inbreeding
R. Kasarda, E. Hazuchová, I. Pavlík and O. Kadlecík

Relationships between Igenity scores and measured growth and carcass traits in Finnish beef bulls
M. Pesonen, A. Huuskonen and M. Hyrkäs

Some factors affecting milk production during post-partum in cattle breeding in northern Algeria
M. Laouadi, S. Tennah and M. Madani

Analysis of monthly recorded body measurements of Wagyu cattle by random regression models
T. Munim, T. Oikawa, T. Ibi and T. Kunieda

Herd-test-day variability of methane emissions predicted from milk MIR spectra in Holstein cows
M.-L. Vanrobays, P.B. Kandel, H. Soyeurt, A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, E. Froidmont, P. Dardenne and N. Gengler

Behaviour patterns of buffaloes on pasture in autumn season
B. Barna and G. Holló

Comparative feeding strategies for dairy bulls in a 19 month production system
B. Murphy, P. French, A.K. Kelly and R. Prendiville

Effect of growing cattle grazing management on further feedlot performance and carcass traits
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, J. Elizalde, C.J. Caorsi and J. Franco

Effect of feed delivery system on feeding behaviour of lot-fed calves
V. Beretta, A. Simeone and J. Elizalde

Effects of production system on early maturing dairy cross steers
R. Prendiville, B. Swan and P. French

Marker assisted selection of carcass traits in Nellore cattle
J.B.S. Ferraz, R.C.G. Silva, F.M. Rezende and J.P. Eler

Influence of calving difficulty on rumination and lying time in Holstein dairy cows
M. Fustini, L. Mammi, A. Palmonari, N. Negri and A. Formigoni

Performance and slaughter value of suckling male buffalo calves
B. Barna and G. Holló

Building of biomimetic structures in order to reproduce the outer membrane of bull spermatozoa
J. Le Guillou, M.-H. Ropers, D. Bencharif, L. Amirat-Briand, S. Desherces, E. Schmitt, M. Anton and D. Tainturier

Genetic parameters for carcass traits at different slaughter age in Japanese Black cattle
K. Inoue, T. Osawa, K. Ishii, T. Katsuta and M. Aoshima

Myosin heavy chain expression in bovine muscles was detected at the single muscle fiber level
M. Oe, K. Chikuni, I. Nakajima, K. Ojima, M. Shibata and S. Muroya

Correlation between GH gene polymorphisms and milk production trait in Holstein cattle
S. Abdel-Rahman, A. El-Nahas, S. Hemeda and S. Nasr