Session 27. Entrepreneurship, farm and herd management

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Date: 29 August 2012; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Halachmi and Kuipers

Theatre Session

Achieving optimal cow performance with the aid of information systems
Nir (markusfeld), O.

Accuracy and potential of in-line NIR milk composition analysis
Melfsen, A., Haeussermann, A. and Hartung, E.

The modern cow bell: activity and rumination sensing collars
Bar, D.

Detection of early lactation ketosis by rumination and other sensors
Steensels, M., Bahr, C., Berckmans, D., Antler, A., Maltz, E. and Halachmi, I.

Comparison between direct and video observation for locomotion assessment in dairy cow
Schlagater-Tello, A., Lokhorst, C., Bokkers, E.A.M., Koerkamp, P.W.G., Van Hertem, T., Steensels, M., Halachmi, I., Maltz, E., Viazzi, S., Romanini, C.E.B., Bahr, C. and Berckmans, D.

Evaluation of potential variables for sensor-based detection of lameness in dairy cattle
Van Hertem, T., Maltz, E., Antler, A., Schlageter Tello, A., Lokhorst, C., Viazzi, S., Romanini, E., Bahr, C., Berckmans, D. and Halachmi, I.

Changing conditions require higher level of entrepreneurship for farmers
Beldman, A.C.G., Lakner, D. and Smit, A.B.

Interactive strategic management methodology for improvement of entrepreneurship: case of a farmer
Prezelj, K., Klopcic, M. and Beldman, A.