Session 27. Free communications in animal nutrition

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: G. Zervas

Theatre Session 27

Effects of phosphorus (P) and energy intakes on plasma markers of P deficiency in pregnant heifers
S.T. Anderson, M.A. Benvenutti, N. Steiger, K.L. Goodwin, L.J. Kidd, M.T. Fletcher and R.M. Dixon

Impact of menthol supplementation on calcium absorption in ruminants
K.S. Schrapers, H.-S. Braun, J. Rosendahl, G. Sponder, K. Mahlkow-Nerge, A.K. Patra, J.R. Aschenbach and F. Stumpff

Flavonoid quercetin as a potential regulator of ovarian functions in vitro
A. Kolesarova, K. Michalcova, S. Baldovska and M. Halenar

Mushroom versus mycotoxins in food and feed: mushroom metabolites in control and detoxification
J. Loncar, A. Parroni, P. Gonthier, L. Giordano, M. Reverberi and S. Zjalic

Influence of Ilex extracts and their fractions on kidney structure and performance
A. Zwyrzykowska-Wodzińska, R. Kupczyński, P. Kuropka, R. Nowaczyk, W. Teodorowicz and A. Szumny

Animal data: big, or just large?
T. Hamed, J. Schenkels, N. Laundry, B. Szkotnicki and C.F. Baes

Performance of dual-purpose types, an extensive broiler and a layer type fattened for 67 and 84 days
S. Mueller, R.E. Messikommer, M. Kreuzer and I.D.M. Gangnat

Investigation of early feed intake: does suckling rabbit have pellet preferences?
C. Paës, L. Fortun-Lamothe, T. Gidenne, K. Bebin, E. Grand, J. Duperray, C. Gohier, G. Rebours, P. Aymard and S. Combes

Carcass characteristics and meat analysis of rabbits feed fungal treated corn stalks
A.A. Abedo, A.A.A. Morad, R.I. El-Kady and A.A. El-Shahat

Poster Session 27

Quality of organic eggs as influenced by herbal mixture supplementation
E. Sosnówka-Czajka, E. Herbut, I. Skomorucha and M. Puchała

Effects of Artemisia herba alba and olive leaf powder on broiler performance
N. Moula, A. Ait Kaki, M. Tandiang Diaw, P. Leroy and J. Detilleux

Effect of cowpeas and probiotics on broiler chicks’ performance and gut microflora populations
G. Ciurescu, I. Sorescu, M. Dumitru, A. Vasilachi and M. Habeanu

Growth rate and feed conversion ratio in two commercially available slower growing broiler hybrids
A. Wallenbeck, J. Yngveson, S. Gunnarsson, A. Karlsson and K. Arvidsson Segerkvist

Growth performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicks fed graded levels of carob pod
A.Y. Abdullah and K.Z. Mahmoud

Effect of varying levels of protein concentrations on the production of growing ostriches
T.S. Brand, S.F. Viviers, E. Swart and L.C. Hoffman

Dehulled white lupine seeds as a crude protein source for lactating rabbit does and their litters
L. Uhlířová and Z. Volek

Effect of feeding fresh forages as basis for TMR on dairy cows’ rumen characteristics and nutrients
D. Enriquez-Hidalgo, K. Barrera, S. Peede, D.L. Teixeira and E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez

Effect of dietary microalgae on rumen fermentation and methanogenesis in an in vitro simulation
C.A. Moran, G. Jurgens, J.D. Keegan and J. Apajalahti

Replacing corn by crude glycerol in diets of grazing: fibre utilization and ruminal parameters
M.A. Bruni, M. Carriquiry, J. Galindo and P. Chilibroste

Magnesium absorption as influenced by rumen passage kinetics in lactating dairy cows
J.-L. Oberson, S. Probst and P. Schlegel

Effects of dietary sainfoin on feeding, rumination, and faecal particle composition in dairy cows
A. Kapp, M. Kreuzer, G. Kaptijn and F. Leiber

Reconstituted alfalfa hay in starter feed improves skeletal growth of dairy calves during preweaning
S. Kargar, M. Kanani, M.G. Ciliberti, A. Sevi, M. Albenzio, R. Marino, A. Santillo and M. Caroprese

Efficacy of Virginia fanpetals (Sida hermaphrodita) silage in dairy cattle nutrition
C. Purwin, M. Fijalkowska, Z. Nogalski and Z. Antoszkiewicz

Dose effects of linseed and rapeseed oils on bovine rumen microbial metabolism in continuous culture
L.P. Broudiscou, A. Quinsac, P. Carré, P. Schmidely and C. Peyronnet

Bioavailability of α-tocopherol stereoisomers in sheep fed synthetic and natural α-tocopherol
S. Lashkari, S.K. Jensen and G. Bernes

Analysis of competition stress on the microbial population in the equine hindgut
A. Carroll

Virginia fanpetals (Sida hermaphrodita Rusby L.) as a source of carotenoids and tocopherols
Z. Antoszkiewicz, M. Fijalkowska, M. Mazur-Kuśnirek, Z. Nogalski and C. Purwin

Mycotoxin contamination in maize kernels: electronic nose as a screening tool for the industry
M. Ottoboni, M. Tretola, L. Pinotti, S. Gastaldello, V. Furlan, C. Maran, V. Dell’Orto and F. Cheli

Characterization of molasses composition
A. Palmonari, G. Canestrari, L. Mammi, D. Cavallini, L. Fernandes, P. Holder and A. Formigoni

Effect of wax-fatty acid complex on adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 cells
S.K. Park, U. Issara, S.H. Park, S.Y. Lee, J.H. Lee and J.G. Lee

Microbiological assessment of canine drinking water and the impact of bowl construction material
C. Wright and A. Carroll