Session 27. Horse production free communications

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Date: 28 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Janssens

Theatre Session 27

08.30 QTL mapping for performances in sport horses
S. Brard and A. Ricard

08.45 Opportunities for joint genetic evaluations of Danish and Swedish sport horses
Å. Viklund, S. Furre, O. Vangen and J. Philipsson

09.00 The inclusion of international showjumping results in the genetic evaluation of Irish Sport Horses
K.M. Quinn-Brady, D. Harty and A. Corbally

09.15 Health status and conformation in young sport horses affect performance and longevity in competition
L. Jönsson, A. Näsholm, L. Roepstorff, A. Egenvall, G. Dalin and J. Philipsson

09.30 Genetic analyses of linear conformation and performance traits in Warmblood horses
K.F. Stock, J. Duensing, W. Schulze-Schleppinghoff and J. Krieter

09.45 Genetic parameters of type traits scored at adult age in Italian Heavy Draught Horse
F. Folla, C. Sartori, G. Pigozzi and R. Mantovani

10.00 Inbreeding status and conservation possibilities of the endangered Faroese Horse
P. Berg, A. Præbel and D. Joensen

10.45 Investigations into genetic variability in Holstein Horse breed using pedigree data
L. Roos, D. Hinrichs, T. Nissen and J. Krieter

11.00 Effect of energy supplementation on grass intake, performances and parasitism in lactating mares
C. Collas, G. Fleurance, W. Martin-Rosset, J. Cabaret, L. Wimel and B. Dumont

11.15 Haematology and plasma metabolites in horses fed linseed oil over a 4 months period
S. Patoux, C. Fabry, O. Dotreppe, G. Haeghens, J.-L. Hornick and L. Istasse

11.30 Innovation in dairy products in France: preliminary results on donkey milk production
M. Peter, H. Tonglet, G. Jard, H. Tormo and D. Ali Haimoud-Lekhal


Poster Session 27

Conformation affects health of sport horses
L. Jönsson, A. Näsholm, L. Roepstorff, A. Egenvall, G. Dalin and J. Philipsson

Genetic parameters for chronic progressive lymphedema in Belgian draught horses
K. De Keyser, S. Janssens, M. Oosterlinck, F. Gasthuys and N. Buys

Preliminary analysis of genetic variability for heart rate in endurance horses
I. Cervantes, M.J. Sánchez, M. Valera, A. Molina and J.P. Gutiérrez

Transformed variables for the genetic evaluation of the competition performance of jumping horses
J. Posta, A. Rudiné Mezei and S. Mihók

Joint genetic evaluation of Nordic sporthorses
S. Furre, A. Viklund, J. Philipsson, B. Heringstad and O. Vangen

Genetic correlations between young horse performance and later results in show-jumping
I. Cervantes, E. Bartolomé, M.J. Sánchez, M.D. Gómez, M. Solé, A. Molina and M. Valera

Genetic and environmental effects on 60-days performance tests for mares
N. Cieklinska, J. Wejer and D. Lewczuk

The genetic analysis of Sztumski and Sokolski mares enrolled in horses conservation programs
G.M. Polak

The analysis of the distribution and origin of the Sztumski and Sokolski horses
G.M. Polak

Empirical percentile growth curves considering compensatory growth for Japanese Thoroughbred horses
T. Onoda, R. Yamamoto, K. Sawamura, H. Murase, Y. Nambo, Y. Inoue, A. Matsui, T. Miyake and N. Hirai

Measuring neck angle of horses under different ceiling heights with an inertial measurement unit
S. Claar and P. Michanek

Some aspects of horse vision
I. Majzlik, J. Ptacek, B. Hofmanova and L. Vostry

Analysis of air quality in riding halls with special emphasis on fungal contamination
A. Blasse, K. Wicha, T. Lühe, R. Preissler and N. Kemper

Milk and blood serum rubidium and strontium concentrations in lactating donkeys
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, P. Mariani, R. Piloni, N. Zurlo and E. Salimei

Minerals in blood serum of lactating donkeys: effect of dietary trace element supplementation
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, R. Piloni, P. Mariani, C. Amadoro and E. Salimei

The grass height: a horses’grazing management tool
L. Wimel and P. Dupuy

Chemical composition, biomass production and nutritive value of two Portuguese horse farms pastures
A.S. Santos, M.J. Fradinho, R. Fernandes, M.A.M. Rodrigues, R.M. Caldeira and L.M.M. Ferreira

Study on the use of long chain alcohols as diet composition and digestibility markers in equines fed
A.S. Santos, R. Celaya, R.W. Mayes, M.A.M. Rodrigues, K. Osoro and L.M.M. Ferreira

Heart rate of horses undergoing aerobic exercise and supplemented with gamma-oryzanol
A.A.O. Gobesso, I.V.F. Gonzaga, R. Françoso, F.M.P. Taran, T.N. Centini, J.R. Ferreira, F.P. Rodrigues, Y.N. Bortoletto and C.T. Marino

Effect of dietary inclusion of omega-3 in concentration of immunoglobulin on mares colostrum
A.A.O. Gobesso, T.N. Centini, I.V.F. Gonzaga, F.M.P. Taran, R. Françoso, J.R. Ferreira, F.P. Rodrigues and A.C.R.C. Porto

Effect of specialization on genetic parameters in sport horses
G. Rovere, B.J. Ducro, P. Madsen, E. Norberg and J.A.M. Van Arendonk