Session 27. New sources of phenotypes in cattle production – Part 1 (with ICAR)

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Date: 2nd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: G. Thaller/C. Egger-Danner

Theatre Session 27

Frequently recorded sensor data may correctly provide health status of cows
P. Lovendahl and L.P. Sorensen

Data from automatic milking systems used in genetic evaluations of temperament and milkability
K.A. Bakke and B. Heringstad

Air leakage in automatic milk flow recording – an indicator trait for temperament?
D. Krogmeier and K.-U. Gotz

Circadian metabolomic profile of blood plasma from heifers in the context of feed efficiency
A. Macdonald, I. Burton, T. Karakach, S. Lam, A. Fontoura, S. Bourgon, S. Miller and Y. Montanholi

Genetic associations between feed intake and conformation traits in two populations
C.I.V. Manzanilla P., R.F. Veerkamp, R.J. Tempelman, K.A. Weigel and Y. De Haas

Direct multitrait selection gives the highest genetic response in a ratio trait
L. Zetouni, A.C. Sorensen, M. Henryon and J. Lassen


Recording of claw disorders in dairy cattle: overview and prospects of international harmonization
K.F. Stock, A.-M. Christen, J. Burgstaller, N. Charfeddine, A. Fiedler, B. Heringstad, J. Kofler, K. Muller, P. Nielsen, E. Oakes, C. Odegard, J.E. Pryce, G. Thomas and C. Egger-Danner

Examinations on the genetics of digital dermatitis based on improved definitions of clinical status
K. Schopke, A. Gomez, K.A. Dunbar, H.H. Swalve and D. Dopfer

Utilizing claw health information in traditional and genomic selection for Norwegian Red
C. Odegard, M. Svendsen and B. Heringstad


Posters Session 27

Estimation of genetic parameters for well-established and new milk yield performance test traits and
D. Hinrichs, T.J. Boysen and G. Thaller

An investigation on determining factors affecting body condition score in first parity Holstein cows
A. Galic and N. Karslioglu Kara

Association of STAT1 gene with milk production traits in Iranian Holstein dairy cattle
M. Hosseinpour Mashhadi and N. Tabasi

Genetic parameters for dry matter intake in primiparous Holstein, Nordic Red and Jersey
B. Li, W.F. Fikse, J. Lassen, M.H. Lidauer, P. Lovendahl and B. Berglund

Relationships among feed efficiency, growth and carcass traits in beef cattle
T.M. Ceacero, M.E.Z. Mercadante, J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, A.L. Guimaraes, R.C. Canesin and S.F.M. Bonilha

A simulation study on selection to lower the fat to protein ratio in the early lactation of Holstein
A. Nishiura, O. Sasaki, M. Aihara, H. Takeda and M. Satoh

Genetic analysis of lactation persistency and conformation traits in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
A. Otwinowska-Mindur, E. Ptak and W. Jagusiak

Differences in novel traits between genetic groups of dairy cows in pasture-based production systems
K. Brugemann, M. Jaeger, U. Von Borstel and S. Konig

Lactation persistency and environmental factors affecting on this characteristic in dairy cattle
M. Elahi Torshizi

Circadian profile of methane and heat production at different physiological states in beef heifers
Y. Montanholi, B. Smith, K. Colliver, A. Fontoura and S. Miller

Genetic diversity in Swiss cattle breeds
H. Signer-Hasler, B. Gredler, M. Neuditschko, A. Burren, C. Baes, B. Bapst, D. Garrick, C. Stricker and C. Flury