Session 27. Young scientist competition – Genetics Commission – part 2

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Martinez Alvaro


Theatre Session 27

Sparse single-step genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction in crossbreeding schemes
J. Vandenplas, M.P.L. Calus and J. Ten Napel

Empirical comparison of different methods for genomic evaluation in pigs
A. Fangmann, A.R. Sharifi, M. Erbe and H. Simianer

Power and precision of mapping genes in simulated F2 crosses using whole genome sequence data
M. Schmid, R. Wellmann and J. Bennewitz

Using phenotypes of three-breed cross to improve breeding value estimation of purebred animals
C.A. Sevillano, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, J. Vandenplas, R. Bergsma and M.P.L. Calus

Genomic evaluation of carcass traits of young bulls: comparison of two and single-step approaches
I. Croué and V. Ducrocq

Joint Estimation of Additive, Dominance and Polygenic Variances Using Female Reference Population
H. Alkhoder, Z. Liu, F. Reinhardt and R. Reents

TagSNP selection and genotype imputation in Atlantic Salmon
S.A. Boison, M. Lillehammer, A.K. Sonesson and M. Baranski

SNP discovery in the sheep milk casein genes using transcriptome sequencing
A. Suárez-Vega, B. Gutiérrez-Gil, C. Klopp, G. Tosser-Klopp and J.J. Arranz

Whole liver transcriptome analysis for the metabolic adaptation of dairy cows
N.T. Ha, C. Drögemüller, F. Schmitz-Hsu, R.M. Bruckmaier, H. Simianer and J.J. Gross

Genes and microbes, the next step in dairy cattle breeding
G.F. Difford, J. Lassen and P. Løvendahl

Copy number variations associated with insect bite hypersensitivity in Friesian horses
A. Schurink, V.H. Silva, B.D. Velie, B.W. Dibbits, R.P.M.A. Crooijmans, L. François, A. Stinckens, S. Blott, N. Buys, G. Lindgren and B.J. Ducro

Copy number variations reveal metabolic pathways involved with feed conversion ratio in beef cattle
M.H.A. Santana, G.A. Oliveira Junior, M.E. Carvalho, L. Grigoletto and J.B.S. Ferraz