Session 28. Dairy and beef production, breeding and health

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Vestergaard / H. Barkema


Theatre Session 28

Dietary supplementation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on production and health status in dairy cattle
S. Ghazanfar, M. Qubtia, F. Hassan, A. Muhammad, I. Ahmed and M. Imran

Accuracy of genomic breeding values from endocrine and traditional fertility traits in dairy cows
A.M.M. Tenghe, B. Berglund, R.F. Veerkamp and D.J. De Koning

Bone Alkaline Phosphatase as an indicator of phosphorus status in breeder cows
S.T. Anderson, R.M. Dixon, D.M. McNeill, J.G. Spiers, L. Castells, L.J. Kidd, K. Goodwin and M.T. Fletcher

The impact of the rumen microbiome on the detailed milk fatty acid profile in Danish Holstein cattle
A.J. Buitenhuis, N.A. Poulsen, S.J. Noel, D.F. Plichta and J. Lassen

Impacts of energy level of the diet and nature of forage on milk spontaneous lipolysis in dairy cows
E. Vanbergue, J.L. Peyraud and C. Hurtaud

Effects of a by-pass Omega-3 source on milk yield, milk composition and fertility
A.J. Escribano, J.J. Mallo and M. Quintela

Modeling heterogeneous co-variances for genomic regions in prediction for milk protein compositions
G. Gebreyesus, M.S. Lund, L. Janss, H. Bovenhuis and A.J. Buitenhuis
Partitioning of rumen-protected n-3 and n-6 fatty acids in bovine muscles with different metabolism
C. Wolf, K. Giller, S.E. Ulbrich, M. Kreuzer and J. Berard

Potential use of MIR spectroscopy to assess the origin of milk produced in a PDO area
F.G. Colinet, J.A. Fernández Pierna, F. Dehareng, C. Bertozzi, D. Veselko, M. Sindic, M. Tielemenans and N. Gengler

Effect of regime on vitamin E, A and D in beef
S. Stewart, A. Fearon, C. McRoberts, L. Farmer, N. Gault, C. Ferris and F. Lively

A meta-analysis of the effect of the diet fed to Holstein cows on their milk calcium content
A. Boudon, T. Havard, M. Gelé, B. Rouillé and C. Hurtaud

The challenge of detecting cheese-damaging clostridia in milk
J. Brändle, K.J. Domig and W. Kneifel


Posters Session

Assessment of passive immunity in Irish dairy and suckler beef calves
C.G. Todd, K. Tiernan, M. McGee, P. Crosson, I. Lorenz and B. Earley

Effect of production area, season and farm dimension on milk production and quality
C. Lazzaroni and D. Biagini

Effect of breed, housing, milking system, farm dimension and season on milk production and quality
C. Lazzaroni and D. Biagini

Individual dairy curd production and association analysis with 14 candidate genes in Italian buffalo
G. Cosenza, L. Zicarelli, N.P.P. Macciotta, L. Ramunno and A. Pauciullo

Factors affecting the freezing point of milk of Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
A. Otwinowska-Mindur and E. Ptak

Data sharing to support breeding decisions in a segmented beef production chain
F. Maroto-Molina, A. Gómez-Cabrera, J.E. Guerrero-Ginel, A. Garrido-Varo, J.A. Adame-Siles, R. Santos-Alcudia and D.C. Pérez-Marín

Evolution of milk composition in cow’s milk during the time course of milking
C. Hurtaud, E. Vanbergue, C. Cirot, L. Hervé and M. Boutinaud

Effect of Spirulina supplementation in heat stressed dairy cows’ ration on milk fatty acid profile
M.A. Karatzia, M. Ioannidou, G. Samouris and E.N. Sossidou

Survey of mycotoxins in grain, feed and diary products in Croatia
S. Zjalic, V. Brlek, I. Sabljak, M. Grubelic, L. Coso and M. Matek Saric

Effect of dietary olive pomace supplementation on cow milk quality
F. Castellani, S. Marchetti, L. Grotta, F. Palazzo, E. Marone and G. Martino

Variability of MIR predicted cheese yield in Walloon Region of Belgium
F.G. Colinet, F. Dehareng, C. Bertozzi, D. Veselko, T. Troch, M. Sindic and N. Gengler

Effects of intensification of grazing systems on meat quality of Nelore steers in Brazil
R.R.S. Corte, S.L. Silva, A.F. Pedroso, R.T. Nassu, R.R. Tullio, A. Berndt, L.S. Sakamoto, P.H.M. Rodrigues and P.P.A. Oliveira