Session 28. Health and fertility: aspects of breeding, energy balance and transition periods

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Date: 29 August 2012; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Thaller

Theatre Session 

Shortening the dry period for dairy cows: effects on energy balance, health and fertility
Van Knegsel, A.T.M. and Kemp, B.

Technical and economical consequences of extended (18 m) calving intervals for dairy cows
Brocard, V., Portier, B., Francois, J. and Tranvoiz, E.

The effect of dry period management and nutrition on milk production
Blazkova, K., Cermakova, J., Dolezal, P. and Kudrna, V.

Effect of trace mineral supplementation on the reproductive performance of pasture based dairy cows
Watson, H., Evans, A.C.O. and Butler, S.T.

Productivity and health of dairy cows differing in milk yield and milk protein concentration
Wiedemann, S., Sigl, T., Gellrich, K., Kaske, M. and Meyer, H.H.D.

Comparative analyses of health traits from regional projects for genetic improvement of dairy health
Stock, K.F., Agena, D., Spittel, S., Schafberg, R., Hoedemaker, M. and Reinhardt, F.

Consequences of selecting for feed conversion efficiency traits on fertility and health
Pryce, J.E., Marett, L., Bell, M.J., Wales, W.J. and Hayes, B.J.


Poster Session 

Longevity and culling reasons of Polish Red-and-White cattle included in the conservation programme
Sosin-Bzducha, E.M.

Real-time individual dairy cow energy balance estimated from body reserve changes
Thorup, V.M., Højsgaard, S., Weisbjerg, M.R. and Friggens, N.C.

Genetic analysis of the fat:protein ratio using multiple-lactation random regression test-day models
Nishiura, A., Sasaki, O., Aihara, M., Saburi, J., Takeda, H. and Satoh, M.

Epidemiological reaction norms for mastitis
Windig, J.J., Urioste, J.I. and Strandberg, E.

Effect of dry period absence on milk cholesterol metabolism and gene expression in dairy cows
Viturro, E., Hüttinger, K., Schlamberger, G., Wiedemann, S., Altenhofer, C., Kaske, M. and Meyer, H.H.D.

Genetic parameters for fertility, production and longevity of Holstein cow in the Czech Republic
Zavadilová, L. and Štípková, M.

Trends in reproductive performance of dairy cow breeds in Lithuania
Nainiene, R., Siukscius, A. and Urbsys, A.

Investigations of locomotion score in dairy cows
Weber, A., Junge, W., Stamer, E. and Thaller, G.

Use of progesterone profiles to define objective traits of physiological dairy fertility
Von Lesen, R., Tetens, J., Junge, W. and Thaller, G.