Session 28. SmartCow: Methods and technologies for research and smart nutrition management in dairy and beef cattle

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Integrating European cattle research infrastructures for innovation: outcomes from SmartCow project
Baumont, M. O’Donovan, R. Dewhurst,P. Lund, B. Kuhla, R. Carelli, C. Reynolds, C. Martin and I. Veissier

Collaboration is imperial or how to address this critical issue when developing novel traits

Sources of variation in cattle N balance measurements from digestion trials at 15 research sites
Z.E. Barker, L.A. Crompton, H. Van Lingen, J. Dijkstra and C.K. Reynolds

Implementation of the 3Rs in SmartCow
K.M.D. Rutherford

Beef cattle welfare in digestibility stalls
Bellagi,R. Baumont, P. Nozière and I. Veissier

A non-invasive sound technology to monitor rumen contractions and rumen gas fermentation
Vargas-Bello-Pérez,A.L. Alves Neves and A. Harrison

Effects of stage of lactation and parity on Δ15N as a biomarker for N use efficiency in dairy cows
R.J. Dewhurst, E. Hyles and A. Bagnall

Inclusion of seaweed in the dairy cattle diet and the effect on milk production and feed efficiency
E.E. Newton, M. Terré, K. Theodoridou, S. Huws, P. Ray, C.K. Reynolds, N. Prat, D. Sabrià and S. Stergiadis

Guidelines for using cow milk mid-infrared spectra to predict GreenFeed enteric methane emissions
Coppa,A. Vanlierde, M. Bouchon, J. Jurquet, M. Musati, F. Dehareng and C. Martin

Estimation of methane eructed by dairy and beef cattle using faecal near-infrared spectra
Vanlierde,F. Dehareng, A. Mertens, M. Mathot, A. Lefevre, I. Morel, G. Renand, Y. Rochette, F. Picard, C. Martin and D. Andueza

Identifying health and stress states in cows from their daily activities by machine learning
Veissier,Q. Ruin, R. Lardy, V. Antoine and J. Koko

Edge-computing to monitor cow behaviour in rangelands
NavarroGarcía, I. Gómez Maqueda, D. Varona Renuncio, M. Gaborit, F. Launay, M.J. García García and F. Maroto Molina

Recording of eating time in rosé veal calves by use of an automated video system
Vestergaard,H.H. Bonde, M. Bjerring, P. Ahrendt, L.A.H. Nielsen and A.M. Kjeldsen


Paving the way towards common standards and guidelines for experimental studies with cattle
Mesgaran,R. Baumont, L. Munksgaard, D. Humphries, E. Kennedy, J. Dijkstra, R. Dewhurst, H. Furguson, M. Terré and B. Kuhla

Effect of days of collection and a faecal preservative on measured N balance of lactating cows
Reynolds,D. Humphries, A. Jones, P. Kirton, R. Szoka and L. Crompton

Accuracy and length of digestibility and N balance measurement in beef cattle
Bellagi,R. Baumont, L. Salis, S. Alcouffe, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar and P. Nozière

Promising proxies to predict feed efficiency and its components in dairy and beef cattle
Martin,A. Vanlierde, F. Dehreng, R. Dewhurst, P. Lund, C. Reynolds, D. Andueza and G. Cantalapiedra

Prediction of daily dry matter intake using milk mid-infrared spectra data in Swedish dairy cattle
Salleh,R. Danielsson and C. Kronqvist

Characterization of milk production in suckler beef cows
Sepchat,M. Barbet and P. D’Hour

Effect of abomasal amino acid infusions on performances and metabolism in postpartum dairy cows
Bahloul,L.E. Hernández-Castellano, H. Lapierre, C.G. Schwab and M. Larsen

Effect of grazing dairy system and breed on monthly variation of milk minerals and heat stability
Boudon,B. Horan, L. Delaby, J. Tobin, J. Flament, A. Jezequel, B. Graulet, M. O’Donovan, G. Maxin, Gelé,S. Lemosquet and C. Hurtaud

Inclusion of a high fat extruded pellet in starter feeds
Amado,L.N. Leal, W.J.J. Gerrits and J. Martín-Tereso

On farm evaluation of multi-parametric models to predict SARA on dairy cows
Coppa,C. Villot, C. Martin and M. Silberberg

Is optimization of dairy cow rations by linear programming possible with INRA 2018 system?
Chapoutot,G. Tran, V. Heuzé and D. Sauvant