Session 28. Welfare and behaviour in animal training

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M.L. Cox

Theatre Session 28

Breeding for temperament – possibilities and challenges in dogs and horses
K. Nilsson

A temperament test developed for the Norwegian horse breeds
H.F. Olsen and G. Klemetsdal

Genetic counselling in horse breeding
J. Detilleux

The use of genomic data for the analysis of companion animal populations
V. Kukučková, N. Moravčíková and R. Kasarda

Selection against complex diseases using genomics based breeding schemes in horses
B.J. Ducro, A. Schurink and S. Janssens

Influence of training, age at training onset and management on longevity in Icelandic horses
C. Weiss, K. Brügemann and U. König V. Borstel

Progressive weaning reduces negative behavioural and biological effects in horses
M.P. Moisan, A. Foury, M. Vidament, F. Levy, F. Reigner, N. Mach and L. Lansade

The use of operant conditioning behaviour analysis in animal training for husbandry and performance
M.L. Cox

The centaurs of law and order
V. Deneux

Poster Session 28

The effect of two different housing conditions on horse behaviour
K. Olczakc, A.S. Santos and S. Silva

Foal weaning in Italy: management and factors associated with the development of abnormal behaviours
F. Martuzzi, G. Dellapina and F. Righi

Positive effects of enriched environment in horses: a behavioural and genomic assessment
A. Foury, L. Lansade, M. Valenchon, C. Neveux, S.W. Cole, S. Layé, B. Cardinaud, F. Lévy and M.P. Moisan