Session 29. Novel milk-based phenotypes for use in breeding and management applications in dairy production (with EU GplusE project)

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Thaller / M. Crowe


Theatre Session 29

Potential of milk MIR spectra to develop new health phenotypes for dairy cows in the GplusE project
A. Vanlierde, C. Grelet, N. Gengler, C. Ferris, M.T. Sorensen, J. Höglund, F. Carter, A. Santoro, K. Hermans, M. Hostens, P. Dardenne and F. Dehareng

Potential for novel metabolite measurements in milk as biomarker phenotypes for dairy traits
J. Höglund, M.T. Sorensen, T. Larsen, L. Foldager, C. Ferris, M. Bell, F. Carter, A. Santoro, M. Crowe and K.L. Ingvartsen

Potential for novel glycan measurements in milk as biomarker phenotypes for dairy traits
A. Santoro, J. Vandepitte, M. Hostens, F. Carter, E. Matthews, W. Waegeman, A.G. Fahey, K. Hermans, C. Ferris, M. Bell, M.T. Sorensen, J. Höglund and M.A. Crowe

OptiMIR: Use of MIR spectra to predict multiple cow status as advisory tools for dairy farms
C. Grelet, N. Gengler, C. Bastin, A. Vanlierde, S. Smith, M. Gelé, H. Soyeurt, X. Massart, P. Dardenne and F. Dehareng

Developing a bovine ketosis risk indicator using spectral analysis and animal phenotype data
S. Smith, V. Hicks, R. Cooper, J. Forrest, A. McRae and E. Wall

Genetic and environmental effects on individual wavenumbers of bovine milk infrared spectra
Q. Wang, A. Hulzebosch and H. Bovenhuis

Novel milk phenotypes based on a biological model of lactation
G.E. Pollott

Prediction of sheep milk chemical composition using its pH, electrical conductivity and refraction
A.I. Gelasakis, R. Giannakou, A. Kominakis, G. Antonakos and G. Arsenos

Representative sample selection using FT-IR milk spectra to predict dry matter intake in dairy cows
N. Shetty, P. Løvendahl, M.S. Lund and A.J. Buitenhuis

Milk mid-infrared spectral data as a useful tool to predict feed intake in dairy cows
S.E. Wallén, T.H.E. Meuwissen, S. McParland and D.P. Berry

Going beyond current limits in defining and using milk infrared spectra based phenotypes
N. Gengler, H. Hammami and A. Lainé


Posters Session

Phenotypic characterization of milk processing traits predicted by mid-infrared spectroscopy
G. Visentin, M. De Marchi, A. McDermott, D.P. Berry, M. Penasa and S. McParland

Traits associated with protein composition and colour of bovine milk
A. McDermott, G. Visentin, M. De Marchi, D.P. Berry, M.A. Fenelon and S. McParland