Session 29. Pig production free communications

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Date: 28 August 2013; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Knap

Theatre Session 29

08.30 Impact of genetics and feeding on loin marbling levels of Canadian hogs
L. Maignel, J.P. Daigle, F. Fortin, S. Wyss and B. Sullivan

08.45 Effect of genetic type and dietary protein level on growth, carcass and ham traits of heavy pigs
L. Gallo, P. Carnier, A. Cecchinato, L. Carraro and S. Schiavon

09.00 Within-litter variation in piglets’ birth weight in reciprocal crosses
E. Sell-Kubiak, E.F. Knol, P. Bijma and H.A. Mulder

09.15 Genomic selection in German Landrace
M. Gertz, J. Dodenhoff, C. Edel, K.-U. Götz and G. Thaller

09.30 Genetic parameters of number of piglets nursed
B. Nielsen, T. Ostersen, I. Velander and S.B. Bendtsen

09.45 Estimation of variance components of sow longevity traits using discrete time model
M.-L. Sevón-Aimonen, R. Labouriau, R.P. Maia, S. Haltia and P. Uimari

10.00 Does lameness in the sow influence her reproduction?
H.T. Le, N. Lundeheim and E. Norberg

10.45 Accounting for variation among individual pigs in deterministic growth models
B. Vautier, N. Quiniou, J. Van Milgen and L. Brossard

11.00 Repeatability of a behavioral play marker in piglets
W.M. Rauw

11.15 Individual behavioural pattern in pigs
K. Scheffler, I. Traulsen and J. Krieter


Poster Session 29

Immunophenotype of LW pigs crossbred from parents selected for resistance to MPS and high immunity
T. Shimazu, Y. Katayama, L.J. Borjigin, R. Otsu, H. Kitazawa, H. Aso, K. Katoh, Y. Suda, A. Sakuma, M. Nakajoh and K. Suzuki

Expression of mRNA of MHC protein in l. dorsi muscle of the pig during pre and postnatal development
M. Katsumata, T. Yamaguchi, A. Ishida, A. Ashihara and K. Nakashima

Heritability estimates evaluated as binary type scoring to linear scoring for leg weakness in swine
K. Ishii, K. Kadowaki and M. Satoh

Relationship between birth order and birth weight of the pig
R. Charneca, A. Freitas, J.L.T. Nunes and J. Le Dividich

Effect of HoxA11 gene polymorphisms on litter size in pigs
A. Mucha, K. Piórkowska and K. Ropka-Molik

Towards improved boar fertility by genetic characterization and detection of traits important in spe
M. Van Son, A.H. Gaustad, I. Andersen-Ranberg, F. Myromslien and E. Grindflek

Correlation of CTSD and CTSF genes expression and economically important traits in pigs in Poland
A. Bereta, K. Ropka-Molik, M. Rózycki, K. Piórkowska, M. Tyra and R. Eckert

Longissimus and semimembranosus muscles transcriptome comparison in pig displays marked differences
F. Hérault, A. Vincent, O. Dameron, P. Le Roy, P. Cherel and M. Damon

Androstenone-levels in entire male pigs: a GWAS for direct and indirect genetic effects
N. Duijvesteijn, E.F. Knol and P. Bijma

Growth performance and risk of boar taint for non-castrated Walloon pigs
S. Dufourny, V. Servais, J.-M. Romnee, V. Planchon and J. Wavreille

Comparison of texture parameters in loin and ham of Polish Landrace, Duroc and Pietrain pigs
G. Zak, M. Pieszka and W. Migdal

The production volume and economic efficiency in the piggery using hybrid hyperprolific sows
M. Sviben

Handling of supernumerary piglets in Flanders, a survey among pig breeders
J. Michiels, H. Vandenberghe, S. Van Gansbeke, J. Degroote, D. Fremaut and B. Ampe

Motherless rearing of piglets: effects on small intestinal morphology and digestion capacity
M. De Vos, V. Huygelen, S. Willemen, C. Casteleyn, S. Van Cruchten, J. Michiels and C. Van Ginneken