Session 29. Variability in the pig production chain – problems and opportunities

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: S. Millet

Theatre Session 29

Genetic bases of individual performance variation in pigs
L. Bodin, N. Formoso-Rafferty and H. Gilbert

Description and consequences of variability in sows and piglets
N. Quiniou, M. Marcon, Y. Salaün, J.Y. Dourmad, F. Gondret, H. Quesnel, J. Van Milgen and L. Brossard

Precision feeding of lactating sows: development of a decision support tool to handle variability
R. Gauthier, F. Guay, L. Brossard, C. Largouët and J.Y. Dourmad

Identification of biological variables associated with robustness of piglets at weaning
A. Buchet, E. Merlot, P. Mormède, E. Terenina, B. Lieubeau, G. Mignot, J. Hervé, M. Leblanc-Maridor and C. Belloc

The genetic background of second litter syndrome in pigs
E. Sell-Kubiak, E.F. Knol and H.A. Mulder

Coping with animal variation using precision feeding techniques
C. Pomar and A. Remus

Accepting or managing pig weight variability at slaughter through optimal marketing?
F. Leen, A. Van Den Broeke, M. Aluwé, L. Lauwers, J. Van Meensel and S. Millet

Variability in growth rates within a farm affects pig carcass composition
P. Aymerich, D. Solà-Oriol, J. Bonet, J. Coma and J. Gasa

Linear models versus machine learning to improve monitoring of pneumonia in slaughter pigs
K.H. De Greef and B. Hulsegge

Poster Session 29

Genetic parameter estimates for farrowing traits in purebred Landrace and Large White pigs
S. Ogawa, A. Konta, M. Kimata, K. Ishii, Y. Uemoto and M. Satoh

Swine genetic line and sex influence the relationship between carcass weight and fat content
P. Aymerich, D. Solà-Oriol, J. Bonet, J. Coma and J. Gasa

Do small pigs stay small or can they catch up?
C. Vandenbussche, S. Millet and J. Maselyne

A pan-European computed tomography procedure for measuring the new EU lean meat content of pigs
G. Daumas and M. Monziols