Session 30. Animal nutrition free communications

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Date: 28 August 2013; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Lindberg

Theatre Session 30

08.30 A starch binding agent decreases the rate of rumen fermentation of wheat in a dose-dependent manner
F.R. Dunshea, S.A. Pate, V.M. Russo and B.J. Leury

08.45 Impact of concentrate supplementation on two Holstein cow strains in a pasture-based feeding system
C. Heublein, F. Dohme-Meier, K.-H. Südekum and F. Schori

09.00 Saccharomyces cerevisiae can alleviate the impact of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle
O. Alzahal, N. Walker and B.W. McBride

09.15 The effect of feeding level on goats milk and plasma fatty acids profile
E. Tsiplakou and G. Zervas

09.30 Intake rate evolution after a change in concentrate percentage in mid-lactation goats
S. Giger-Reverdin, A. Serment, C. Duvaux-Ponter and D. Sauvant

09.45 A new approach to measure methane production from in vitro rumen fermentation of concentrates
M. Cattani, L. Maccarana, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon and L. Bailoni

10.00 Comparison of prediction errors of published predictive equations of water dairy cow requirement
A. Boudon, H. Khelil-Arfa and P. Faverdin

10.45 Interactions between milk amount and fat content of a starter feed on performance of Holstein calves
G. Araujo, M. Terré and A. Bach

11.00 Effect of feed form and particle size on diet digestibility in pigs
E. Magowan, M.E.E. Ball, V.E. Beattie and A. Thompson

11.15 Comparative efficacy of L-methionine and DL-methionine in piglets
J. Van Milgen, J. Noblet, P. Looten, P. Fuertes and C. Delporte

11.30 Efficiency of a growth promoter additive for chickens and weaned piglets: synthesis of 63 trials
G. Benzoni, M.L. Le Ray, P. Pourtau, D. Marzin and A. Guyonvarch

11.45 Effect of grape pomace supplementation on broiler performance and eating quality
E.N. Sossidou, E. Kasapidou, V. Dotas, I. Ioannidis and P. Mitlianga


Poster Session 30

Comparison of the effects of three different diets on growth curves
H. Onder, B.Z. Sariçiçek and S.H. Abaci

Intake and body gain of beef heifers as affected by concentrate content and fiber digestibility
B.S. Marques, M.V. Carvalho, D.O. Souza, B.S. Mesquita and L.F.P. Silva

Effects of live yeast on performance of young Holstein calves
M. Terre, M. Gauthier, G. Maynou and A. Bach

Use of electronic nose for corn silage screening
M. Moschini, A. Gallo, G. Giuberti, C. Cerioli, P. Fortunati and F. Masoero

Effect of quebracho tannins on the biohydrogenation of linoleic and linolenic acid: in vitro study
M. Mele, A. Buccioni, A. Serra, G. Conte, S. Minieri, F. Mannelli, D. Benvenuti, A. Pezzati and S. Rapaccini

Blood features of lactating dairy cows fed sunflower cake as partial replacement of soybean meal
A. Dal Prà, L. Migliorati, M. Capelletti, F. Petrera, G. Pirlo and F. Abeni

Milk production and composition and blood and liver parameters of dairy cows fed various fat sources
R.M. Prado, I.N. Prado, G.T. Santos, C. Benchaar, M.-F. Palin and H.V. Petit

The nutritional value of corn grains for growing pigs: influence of the way of preservation
J. Danel, P. Callu, A. Samson, J.G. Cazaux and M. Vilariño

Energy maintenance requirements of goats
A.K. Almeida, S.P. Silva, D.C. Soares, M.H.M.R. Fernandes, I.A.M.A. Teixeira and K.T. Resende

Do cows under chronic subacute ruminal acidosis attempt to self-medicate?
E. Hendriksen, O. Alzahal and B.W. McBride

Phosphorus excretion in dairy cows not affected by forage particle size or rumen degradable protein
L. Puggaard, P. Lund and J. Sehested

Intake and ruminal kinetics of sugarcane as affected by fiber digestibility and conservation
D.O. Souza, B.S. Mesquita, J. Diniz-Magalhães, F.D. Rodriguez and L.F.P. Silva

How to use BMR sorghum silage to feed dairy cows and heifers?
B. Rouillé, J.M. Lamy, D. Plouzin and P. Brunschwig

In vitro methane production of chicory and plantain collected at grazing heights
M.J. Marichal, L. Piaggio, O. Bentancur, G. Moreno and S. Rosas

Changes in body content of magnesium in Iberian suckling piglets under different nutritional managements
R. Castellano, M.A. Aguinaga, R. Nieto, J.F. Aguilera, A. Haro and I. Seiquer

Amino acid composition of muscle and intestine protein in pigs at different ages
J.A. Conde-Aguilera, C. Cobo-Ortega, S. Tesseraud, Y. Mercier and J. Van Milgen

A sulphur amino acid deficiency changes the amino acid composition of tissue protein in growing pigs
J.A. Conde-Aguilera, C. Cobo-Ortega, S. Tesseraud, Y. Mercier and J. Van Milgen

Use of phase feeding in combination with split gender grouping for pigs
E. Magowan

Effect of dietary CP and rumen protected CLA on performance of lactating cows
F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon, G. Cesaro, A. Cecchinato and G. Bittante

Influence of pre-grazing herbage mass on in vivo digestibility of perennial ryegrass in sheep
M. Beecher, R. Baumont, T.M. Boland, M. O’donovan, J. Aufrère and E. Lewis

Estimating degradability of free and fat-protected tryptophan using rumen in vitro gas production
G. Marín, G. Pichard, F. González and R. Larraín

Impact of dietary protein and PUFA level on lipogenesis-related protein expression in porcine tissue
D. Dannenberger, K. Nuernberg, G. Nuernberg and A. Priepke

Diurnal variation of ruminal pH, and N-NH3 concentration in dairy cows grazing two herbage allowance
L. Leichtle, M. Noro, R. Pulido and R. Delagarde

Ruminal and intestinal starch digestibility of rolled and NaOH treated rye in dairy cows
A.L.F. Hellwing, M. Larsen and M.R. Weisbjerg

Whole plant and cell wall digestibility in maize silage
J. Peyrat, A. Le Morvan, A. Férard, G. Cabon, P.V. Protin, P. Nozière and R. Baumont

Mineral requirements of pregnant dairy goats
C.J. Härter, A.R. Rivera, D.S. Castagnino, L.D. Lima, H.G.O. Silva, K.T. Resende and I.A.M.A. Teixeira

Utilization of sugar beet pulp in feeding sheep
A.Y. El-Badawy, S.S. Abdel-Magid, H.A.A. Omer, M.I. Mohamed and I.M. Awadalla