Session 30. Free communications: pig nutrition and management

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Date: 29 August 2012; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Bee

Theatre Session

Effect of dietary vitamin A restriction on growing performance and intramuscular fat content of pigs
Tous, N., Lizardo, R., Vilà, B., Gispert, M., Font-I-Furnols, M. and Esteve-Garcia, E.

Dietary lecithin improves feed conversion rate and dressing percentage in finisher gilts
Akit, H., Collins, C.L., Fahri, F.T., D’souza, D.N., Leury, B.J. and Dunshea, F.R.

Modeling the effect of feeding strategy and feed prices on a population of pigs
Quiniou, N., Vautier, B., Salaün, Y., Van Milgen, J. and Brossard, L.

Lipogenic enzyme mRNA expression and fatty acid composition in relation to nutritional value of pork
Marriott, D.T., Estany, J. and Doran, O.

Different management systems in early life have impact on intestinal immune development in pigs
Schokker, D., Smits, M.A. and Rebel, J.M.J.

Evaluation of moist barley preserved with a biocontrol yeast and starter culture fed to growing pigs
Borling, J. and Lyberg, K.

The influence of dietary live yeast on piglet growth performance and nutrient utilization
Lizardo, R., Perez-Vendrell, A., D’inca, R., Auclair, E. and Brufau, J.

Split nursing as a management routine to ensure colostrum to newborn piglets
Mattsson, P. and Mattsson, B.

Meat technological quality traits from Slovenian indigenous Krškopolje pigs in enriched environment
Žemva, M., Kovač, M. and Malovrh, Š.

Effect of increasing 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 level on growth performance and mineral status in wean
Schlegel, P., Gutzwiller, A. and Bachmann, H.


Poster Session 

Histological profile of the LD muscle in pigs and its effect on loin parameters and IMF content
Bereta, A., Tyra, M., Różycki, M., Ropka-Molik, K. and Wojtysiak, D.

Relationships between fattening and slaughter performance and meat quality of Polish Large White pig
Żak, G. and Tyra, M.

Influence of feeding ω-fatty acids containing products on the boars breeding ability
Liepa, L., Mangale, M. and Sematovica, I.

Chemical composition and quality characteristics of pork in selected muscles
Bučko, O., Petrák, J., Vavrišínová, K., Haščík, P. and Debrecéni, O.

Investigation of the relationship between pH and temperature as PSE indicators of pork
Vermeulen, L., Van De Perre, V., Permentier, L., De Bie, S. and Geers, R.

Differences in quantity and composition of intramuscular fat in selected muscles of the pigs
Bučko, O., Vavrišínová, K., Petrák, J., Mlynek, J. and Margetín, M.

Ultrasound method for intramuscular fat prediction in live pigs using two different procedures
Bahelka, I., Tomka, J., Demo, P. and Oravcová, M.

Pig carcass classification in Slovakia
Bahelka, I., Demo, P., Hanusová, E., Tomka, J. and Peškovičová, D.

Effect of season on growth and feed intake in piglets from birth to weaning
Čechová, M., Geršiová, J., Hadaš, Z. and Nevrkla, P.

Fatty acid profile of m. longissimus dorsi in indigenous Krškopolje pigs and hybrids 12
Žemva, M., Kovač, M., Levart, A. and Malovrh, Š.

Comparison of growing-finishing performance pigs when diets containing cull chickpeas and DL- Met
Uriarte, J.M., Obregon, J.F., Güemez, H., Rios, F. and Acuña, O.

Evaluation of piglet heating system by water heated panels in farrowing house
Botto, Ľ. and Lendelová, J.

Expected and observed ages of maternal and the faster growing boars
Sviben, M.

BDporc: a pig information system for technical economic management and research
Noguera, J.L., López, P., Alòs, N., Ibañez-Escriche, N. and Pomar, J.

Effect of hot weather on microclimate in tunnel-ventilated pig fattening house
Botto, Ľ. and Lendelová, J.