Session 30. Improving animal welfare to increase animal health, performance and reduce the use of medication

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Welfare as preventative medicine in pig production
L.A. Boyle, M. Lagoda and K. O’Driscoll

Optimal farrowing accommodation hygiene reduces pre-weaning antibiotic and anti- inflammatory usage
K.M. Halpin, P.G. Lawlor, J. Teixé-Roig, E.A. Arnaud, J.V. O’Doherty, T. Sweeney and G.E. Gardiner

Effects of early-life changes on health, welfare and performances of pigs in a commercial farm
Gavaud, K.Haurogné, A. Buchet, I. Garcia-Vinado, M. Allard, M. Leblanc-Maridor, J.M. Bach, C. Belloc, B. Lieubeau and J. Hervé

Weaning intact litters in farrowing pens for loose housed sows: diarrhoea and microbiota composition
J.F.M. Winters, A.A. Schönherz, N. Canibe, L. Foldager and L.J. Pedersen

Enrichment affects antibiotic consumption in pig farms in Great Britain
Kyriazakis,S.M. Matheson and S.A. Edwards

Effect of novel enrichment on pig resilience
Bučková,R. Muns, J. Cerón and I. Kyriazakis

The PPILOW project: innovations improving welfare in low input and organic pig and poultry farms
Collinand Ppilow Consortium

Transport at an older age: the key to a higher robustness of veal calves?
Marcato,H. Van Den Brand, M. Wolthuis-Fillerup, F. Hoorweg and K. Van Reenen

Antimicrobial susceptibility of E. coli and Pasteurellaceae in veal calves before slaughter
Becker,V. Perreten, A. Steiner, D. Stucki, G. Schüpbach-Regula, A. Collaud, A. Rossano, D. Wüthrich, Muff-Hausherrand M. Meylan

Effect of housing dairy calves, individually or in pairs, on performance, welfare, and behaviour
Espinoza-Valdes,A. Iritz, F. Salhab, S. Mabjeesh and Y. Ben Meir

Effect of welfare standards and biosecurity practices on antimicrobial use in beef cattle
Santinello,A. Diana, V. Lorenzi, E. Magni, G.L. Alborali, L. Bertocchi, M. De Marchi and M. Penasa

Benefits for achieving positive dairy cattle welfare
Mattiello,S. Celozzi, F.M. Soli, L. Bava and M. Battini

Stress in dairy calves suckled or not by their dam assessed from cortisol in hair
Pomiès,A. Nicolao, I. Veissier, K. Alvåsen and B. Martin


Browsing effect on natural control of the elimination of gastrointestinal strongyles eggs in goats
A.T. Belo, S.M. Almeida, S. Cavaco-Gonçalves, J.P. Barbas, J.M.B. Ribeiro, C.C. Belo, C. Costa, L.M.M. Ferreira and L. Padre

Effect of layers’ housing systems on physical characteristics and quality of commercial eggs
Amorim,J. Costa and J. Oliveira

Assessment of active substances’ cross-contamination in non-target feed in Portugal
A.C.G. Monteiro and A.S. Santos