Session 30. Role of livestock in sustainable landuse and resource uses

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Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M.R.F. Lee

Theatre Session 30

Agricultural sustainability metrics based on land required for production of essential human nutrien
M.R.F. Lee, T. Takahashi, G. McAuliffe and M. Tichit

Meeting the dual demand for animal products and climate change mitigation by narrowing yield gaps
A. Van Der Linden, P.J. Gerber, G.W.J. Van De Ven, M.K. Van Ittersum, I.J.M. De Boer and S.J. Oosting

Constraints and opportunities of dairy production to provide ecosystem services in urban India
M. Reichenbach, A. Pinto, S. König, P.K. Malik and E. Schlecht

Towards field specific phosphate applications norms with machine learning
H. Mollenhorst, M.H.A. De Haan, J. Oenema, A.H. Hoving-Bolink, R.F. Veerkamp and C. Kamphuis

Past intensification of livestock led to mixed benefits for social and environmental sustainability
J.P. Domingues, A.H. Gameiro, B. Gabrielle and M. Tichit

A systematic review of research on biodiversity in European livestock systems
A. Kok, I.J.M. De Boer and R. Ripoll-Bosch

The full climate effects of grasslands for livestock production
J. Chang, P. Ciais, T. Gasser, D.S. Goll, P. Havlik and M. Obersteiner

Quantifying the land displacement of the french livestock sector
M. Tichit, B. Silva Barboza, T. Bonaudo, J. Domingues Santos and F. Accatino

Methane emission and performance of steers in pasture and integrated crop-livestock-forest systems
A. Berndt, P. Meo Filho, A.P. Lemos, L.S. Sakamoto, A.F. Pedroso, J.R. Pezzopane and P.P.A. Oliveira

Agroecological levers to improve feed self-sufficiency and to drive farms towards sustainable LFS
V. Thenard, E. Morin, M.A. Magne and J.P. Choisis

Linking practices changes and performances to assess agroecological transition in dairy farms
A. Vidal, E. Vall, A. Lurette, M.O. Nozières-Petit and C.H. Moulin

Diversity in farm activities layout and contribution of agriculture to the territory performances
A. Lurette, L. Lecomte, J. Lasseur and C.H. Moulin

Poster Session 30

Dynamic of litter in palisade grass in integrated crop-livestock and monoculture systems
F.F. Simili, J.G. Augusto, G.G. Mendonça, P.M. Bonacim, L.S. Menegatto, R. Sechinatto and C.C.P. Paz

Structural and qualitative characteristics in palisade grass in integrated crop-livestock systems
F.F. Simili, P.M. Bonacim, G.G. Mendonça, J.G. Augusto, L.S. Menegatto, R. Sechinatto, K.R.S. Barbosa and C.C.P. Paz

Cultural grazing of sheep as a means of increasing the species diversity of plant communities
I. Radkowska, A. Kawęcka, M. Szewczyk, M. Kulik and A. Radkowski

Yield of selected types of grass communities in southern Poland
I. Radkowska, A. Kawęcka, M. Szewczyk, M. Kulik and A. Radkowski

The impact of slaughter weight on the carbon footprint of the total feed intake by pigs
C. De Cuyper, A. Van Den Broeke, V. Van Linden, F. Leen, M. Aluwé, J. Van Meensel and S. Millet

Co-grazing of sheep and goats preserves plant diversity and value of Apennine sub-alpine grasslands
R. Primi, B. Ronchi, L. Cancellieri and G. Filibeck

The net waterfootprint of cow and sheep milk
A.S. Atzori, M.F. Lunesu, F. Correddu, F. Lai, A. Nudda, A. Cannas and G. Pulina