Session 31. Competitiveness of European beef production

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Date: 27 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: B. Fürst-Waltl/P. Sarzeaud

Theatre Session 31

14.00 Brasilian beef costs of production in comparison with EU ones
Invited S. De Zen, D.V.M. Bedoya and M.S. Santos

14.30 Competitiveness of Italian beef production
Invited K. De Roest and C. Montanari

14.45 Beef competitiveness: different farmers’ strategies to improve their efficiency
P. Sarzeaud

15.00 Productivity and sustainability of beef production systems
Invited L. Mogensen, T. Kristensen, N.I. Nielsen, A. Munk, E. Søndergaard and M. Vestergaard

15.15 Factors affecting performance and economic traits of intensively managed beef cattle in Italy
G. Cesaro, M. Berton, L. Gallo and E. Sturaro

15.30 Heart rate assessment in beef bulls prior slaughter is associated with feed efficiency
Y.R. Montanholi, S. Lam and S.P. Miller


16.15 The use of carcass traits collected in the abattoir using video image analysis to improve beef yield
Invited M.P. Coffey and K. Moore

16.30 Eating quality of meat from grazing Holstein bulls and Limousine × Holstein bulls and heifers
M. Therkildsen and M. Vestergaard

16.45 Effect of linseed supplementation on fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation of Maremmana beef
G. Conte, A. Serra, L. Casarosa, A. Cappucci and M. Mele

17.00 Intramuscular fat and dry matter of beef are correlated with untrained consumer scores
S.P.F. Bonny, I. Legrand, R.J. Polkinghorne, G.E. Gardner, D.W. Pethick and J.F. Hocquette

17.15 Effect of sustained release nonprotein nitrogen and dietary escape microbial protein on beef heifers
S.L. Vandoni, N. Keane, S. Maher, P. Caramona and S. Andrieu

17.30 Carbon footprint of the French-Italian beef production chain
L. Boselli, A. Gac, L. Bava, L. Migliorati, A. Tamburini and J.B. Dollé

17.45 The effect of suckler cow genotype and stocking rate on dry matter intake and methane emission
F. Lively, A. Richmond, A. Wylie and D. Lowe


Poster Session 31

Competitiveness of extensive beef cattle farms located in the dehesa ecosystem (SW Europe)
A.J. Escribano, P. Gaspar, F.J. Mesías, A.F. Pulido and M. Escribano

Productivity dynamics of a premium Welsh beef supply-chain during a three year period (2010 to 2012)
S.A. Morgan, S.A. Huws, G.H. Evans, T.D.M. Rowe and N.D. Scollan

Growth and carcass quality of grazing Holstein bulls and Limousine × Holstein bulls and heifers
M. Vestergaard, C. Cakmakci, T. Kristensen, K.F. Jørgensen, M. Therkildsen and M. Kargo

Growth and Carcass traits of early- and late-maturing suckler bulls, at four carcass weights
D. Marren, M. McGee, A.P. Moloney, A. Kelly and E.G. O’Riordan

Fattening performances of three cattle genotypes under a tunisian feedlot system
S. Maatoug Ouzini, W. Gharbi and H. Ammar

Effects of differential supplementation during first winter and at pasture on suckler bulls
K. McMenamin, D. Marren, M. McGee, A.P. Moloney, A.K. Kelly and E.G. O’Riordan

Effect of lack of mineral supplementation on bone characteristics in beef calves
C. Lazzaroni and D. Biagini

Evaluation of the Greek buffalo breed for meat quality
A. Zotos, D. Petridis, B. Skapetas and V.A. Bampidis

Physicochemical and textural properties of sausage type ‘Horiatiko’ from Greek buffalo meat
D. Petridis, A. Zotos, B. Skapetas and V.A. Bampidis

Effect of grilling on chemical composition of the longissimus muscle of Purunã bulls
F. Zawadzki, D.C. Rivaroli, R.A.C. Passetti, C.A. Fugita, C.E. Eiras, J.L. Moletta, J. Torrent and I.N. Prado

Effect of grilling on fatty acids composition of the longissimus muscle of Purunã bulls
F. Zawadzki, D.C. Rivaroli, A. Guerrero, R.M. Prado, M.V. Valero, D. Perotto, J. Torrent, I.N. Prado and J.V. Visentainer

Testosterone levels in calves of different neuroreflection types by habituation test
J. Petrák, O. Debrecéni, P. Juhás and K. Vavrišinová