Session 31. Livestock farming systems free communications

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Date: 28 August 2013; 08:30 – 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Eilers

Theatre Session 31

08.30 The pig/pork production system as a complex adaptive system
K.H. De Greef and J.S. Buurma

08.45 Development of an animal model of ruminant production systems, from growing cattle to mature cows
E. Ruelle, L. Delaby, M. Wallace and L. Shalloo

09.00 Typology of Manchega dairy sheep farms in Castilla La Mancha (Spain): preliminary results
J. Rivas, J. Perea, E. Angón, P. Toro-Mujica, C. Barba and A. García

09.15 Developing a new indicator to assess nitrogen efficiency of various farming systems
O. Godinot, M. Carof, F. Vertès and P. Leterme

09.30 Crop acreage allocation decisions on intensive mixed crop-livestock farms
B. Roche, C. Amiotte, H. Boussard, A. Joannon and G. Martel

09.45 Effect of stocking rate and cow lactation stage on nitrogen balance of grazing dairy cows
A.I. Roca-Fernández, D. Báez-Bernal and A. González-Rodríguez

10.00 Domestic cavies in Cameroon and eastern DR Congo for nutrition security and income diversification
F. Meutchieye, S. Bacigale, B. Wimba, W. Chiuri, A.T. Niba, G. Amzati, O.A. Mwai, D.E. Fon, B.L. Maass, A. Djikeng and Y. Manjeli

10.45 Evaluation of soil intake in free ranged domestic animals to ensure food safety
S. Jurjanz, C. Jondreville, R. Delagarde, A. Travel, K. Germain, C. Feidt and G. Rychen

11.00 Grassland management in large dairy farms
C. Gaillard, S. Mugnier, A. Destrez, A. Gérard and S. Ingrand

11.15 Evaluation of the GrazeIn model of grass dry matter intake and milk yield prediction in NW Spain
A.I. Roca-Fernández, R. Delagarde, M.E. López-Mosquera and A. González-Rodríguez


Poster Session 31

Fatty acid profile of organic and conventional retail milk of Cyprus
O. Tzamaloukas, M. Orford, D. Miltiadou and C. Papachristoforou

Characterization of production systems and marketing strategies of Iberian pig farms in SW Spain
A.F. Pulido, P. Gaspar, F.J. Mesías, A.J. Escribano, M. Escribano and F. Pulido

Intramuscular fatty acid composition in organic and conventional beef, poultry and pork systems
D. Villalba, M. Tor, D. Cubiló, D. Babot and J. Álvarez-Rodríguez

Adaptation of mixed sheep-crops systems to the socio-economic context in a high natural value area
A.M. Olaizola, F. Ameen, V. Silveira, A. Bernués and E. Manrique

Carbon footprint of heavy pig production in eight farms in Northern Italy
G. Pirlo, S. Carè, G. Ponzoni, V. Faeti, R. Marchetti and G. Della Casa

Milk performance of two dairy cow genotypes managed at two levels of supplementation at pasture
A.I. Roca-Fernández, L. Delaby, S. Leurent, Y. Gallard, M.E. López-Mosquera and A. González-Rodríguez

Impact of calving date and cowtype in a seasonal Alpine low-input dairy system
M. Horn, A. Steinwidder, W. Starz and W. Zollitsch

Effect of climatic conditions on milk yield and milking frequency of automatically milked dairy cows
S. Ammer, C. Sanker, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly