Session 32. Discovery session: The horse as key player of local development: looking to the future in the 3rd millennium

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Date: 27 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: N. Miraglia/A.L. Holgersson

Theatre Session 32

14.00 The horse as key player of rural development in Europe
Invited N. Miraglia

14.15 New formations and understandings of horse and society in the Nordic countries
Invited R. Evans

14.30 The equine power in Mediterranean countries: is there a place for it?
Invited A.S. Santos, M.J. Fradinho, I. Cervantes and N. Miraglia

14.45 The horse as a key player of local development in the United States in the 3rd millennium
Invited C.J. Stowe

15.00 The horse as key player of local development in Brazil: from past to future
Invited A.A.O. Gobesso

15.15 Role of the horse industry in the regional development in France
Invited G. Bigot, X. Dornier, E. Perret, C. Vial and N. Turpin

15.30 New strategies in genetic evaluations and tools to preserve the diversity in horse breeds. A review
Invited I. Cervantes


16.15 Mare’s milk in cosmetics: preliminary tests
Invited D. Gavric, M. Kovacic, M. Pliberšek, P. Keršmanc, K. Žmitek and K. Potocnik

16.30 A new promising approach for donkey (Equus asinus) sperm freezing
Invited P. Milon, I. Couty, F. Mea, A. Garot, Y. Gaude, F. Reigner and M. Magistrini