Session 32. Genetics business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Simianer and Rose

Theatre Session 

QTL detection for age at puberty and cyclicity resumption in a Holstein x Normande population
Lefebvre, R., Larroque, H., Barbey, S., Gallard, Y., Colleau, J.J., Chantry-Darmon, C., Laine, A.L. and Boichard, D.

Comparative analysis of linkage disequilibrium in Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss cattle
Ertl, J., Edel, C., Neuner, S., Emmerling, R. and Götz, K.-U.

Genetic factors influencing coat color variation in two closely related Swiss cattle breeds
Flury, C., Signer-Hasler, H., Tetens, J., Leeb, T., Rieder, S. and Drögemüller, C.

Signatures of selection in Holstein Friesian dairy cattle
Elferink, M.G., Bovenhuis, H., Veerkamp, R.F., Coffey, M.P., Wall, E., Mc Parland, S., Lunden, A. and Bastiaansen, J.W.M.

G-by-E interactions at the SNP level in Holstein dairy traits recorded in China and UK
Pollott, G.E., Wu, J.J., Cooke, J.S., Zhang, S.J. and Wathes, D.C.

Fine mapping of QTLs of meat quality in three French beef breeds using the Bovine SNP50® chip
Allais, S., Hocquette, J.F., Levéziel, H., Lepetit, J., Rousset, S., Denoyelle, C., Bernard-Capel, C., Rossignol, M.N., Journaux, L. and Renand, G.

Autozygosity by difference; a new method for locating autosomal recessive mutations
Pollott, G.E.

An imputation pipeline for cost effective genomic selection in commercial pig breeding
Cleveland, M.A., Yu, N., Foertter, F., Deeb, N. and Hickey, J.M.

Structural equation models to study causal relationships between bovine milk fatty acids
Bouwman, A.C., Valente, B.D., Bovenhuis, H. and Rosa, G.J.M.


Poster Session 

Molecular study for the sex identification in Japanese quails (Coturnix Japonica)
Vali, N. and Doosti, A.

Nonlinear recursive models for weight traits in the Pirenaica Beef cattle breed
González-Rodríguez, A., Altarriba, J., Moreno, C. and Varona, L.

Genetic variability of a South African ostrich breeding flock estimated from pedigree information
Fair, M.D., Van Wyk, J.B. and Cloete, S.W.P.

Time trends for performance traits of poultry included in the conservation programme in Poland
Calik, J., Krawczyk, J. and Szefer, M.

Study on improvement of hair coat quality in scanblack mink
Wrzecionowska, M., Bielański, P. and Piórkowska, M.

Conservation of the genetic resources of fur animals in Poland
Wrzecionowska, M., Bielański, P. and Kowalska, D.

Genetic analysis of mortality during the strict lactation period in Gazella cuvieri
Cervantes, I., Ibáñez, M.B., Goyache, F., Gutiérrez, J.P. and Moreno, E.

Selective genotyping and logistic regressions to infer the genetic background of clinical mastitis
Bagheri, M., Ashtiani, R., Moradi-Shahrbabak, M., Pimentel, E.C.G. and König, S.

Analysis of CAPN2 and CAST genes expression in skeletal muscles in pig breeds raised in Poland
Bereta, A., Ropka-Molik, K., Różycki, M. and Tyra, M.

Effect of polymorphism in the leptin gene on reproduction performance in Pinzgau cattle
Moravčíková, N., Trakovická, A. and Kasarda, R.

Relationship between body condition score, locomotion and longevity in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
Morek-Kopeć, M. and Zarnecki, A.

Genetic parameter estimates of liver and kidney weights in Syrian hamsters selected for fertility
Satoh, M. and Furukawa, T.

Genome-wide association study for genetic heterogeneity for milk yield and somatic cell score
Fikse, W.F., Rönnegård, L., Mulder, H.A. and Strandberg, E.

PyPedal, an open source software package for pedigree analysis
Cole, J.B.

Genetic parameters of conformation traits of young Polish Holstein-Friesian bulls
Otwinowska-Mindur, A., Ptak, E. and Zarnecki, A.

Fine mapping of production and meat quality QTL in Large White pigs using the PorcineSNP60 Beadchip
Sanchez, M.P., Tribout, T., Iannuccelli, N., Bouffaud, M., Servin, B., Dehais, P., Muller, N., Mercat, M.J., Estelle, J., Bidanel, J.P., Rogel-Gaillard, C., Milan, D. and Gilbert, H.

Utilization of whole blood cells culture for chromosome preparation in the sterlet
Parkanyi, V., Masar, J., Ondruska, L. and Rafay, J.

A polymerase Chain Reaction technique for fetal sex determination using ovine amniotic fluid
Jaayid, T.A., Hasan, E.F. and Al-Allak, Z.S.