Session 32. Livestock and climate change: current knowledge and policy challenge (with WAAP)

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Date: 30 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: R. Ripoll-Bosch


Theatre Session 32

Livestock and climate change: can we steer a path between the devil and the deep blue sea?
invited P. Thornton

Global comparisons of migration and adaptation features in pastoralist communities
A. Jenet, N. Buono, K. Van Troos, S. Mason, S. Di Lello, R. Saavedra and M. Gomarasca

Towards the sustainable transformation of cattle value chains in Nicaragua
R. Van Der Hoek, B.K. Paul, M.A. Mena, C.A. Birnholz, M.A. Mora and A.M. Notenbaert

LCA results on a low emission farming concept in highly integrated pig and poultry production
T. Kaufmann, M. Binder and C. Haasken

GHG emissions, production and economics of typical French beef and dairy farms in the horizon 2035
C. Mosnier, A. Duclos, M. Lherm, B. Lelyon, J. Agabriel and A. Gac

Pasture-based livestock production in the context of climate change
invited F.P. O’Mara

Key factors influencing the carbon footprints of Northern Ireland dairy farms
A. Aubry, S.J. Morrison, T. Yan, P. Caskie, P. Keatley and C. Ferris

Weather influences milk yield, feed intake and feed efficiency in dairy cows
D.L. Hill and E. Wall

Animal health and greenhouse gas intensity: the paradox of periparturient parasitism
J.G.M. Houdijk, B.J. Tolkamp, J.A. Rooke and M.R. Hutchings

Equations to predict methane emissions in pasture-based systems
S. Stergiadis, C. Zou, X. Chen, M. Allen, D. Wills and T. Yan

Development of mathematical models to predict enteric methane emission from cattle in Latin America
M. Benaouda, O.A. Castelán-Ortega and M. González-Ronquillo


Posters Session

Nongenetic factors affecting methane emissions from dairy cattle
M. Pszczola, K. Rzewuska and T. Strabel

Ambient temperature and its effect on performance and udder health
V. Auer, C. Egger-Danner, H. Formayer, D. Leidinger, E. Ofner-Schroeck, F. Steininger, E. Zentner, K. Zottl and B. Fuerst-

Evaluating climate change through month of calving effect on milk yield of dairy cattle
M. Djemali

Use of archaeol as a proxy for methane emission in dairy cattle
L. Sandberg, N. Krattenmacher, S. Görs, B. Kuhla, J. Tetens, C.C. Metges and G. Thaller

The establishment of female line of alternative meat chicken for smallholder farmer’s occupation
A. Molee, W. Molee, S. Khempaka, C. Hormta, P. Mernklatoak, T. Chormai, R. Bunnom, N. Tanpol and B. Likitdejcharoj