Session 32. Role of pork in circular food production

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Pig-based bioconversion: keeping nutrients in the food chain
Pinotti,A. Luciano, M. Ottoboni, M. Manoni, S. Mazzoleni, G. Ceravolo, M. Tretola and M. Rulli

Total versus human-edible protein efficiency of Belgian pigs and poultry
DeCuyper, E. Delezie, S. Millet, J. Van Ginderachter, W. Wytynck, M. Wulfrancke, L. Van Heupen, K. D’hooghe, S. De Campeneere and J. De Boever

Can the inclusion of different olive oil cakes on diet affect the performances of Bísaro pigs?
Outor-Monteiro,J. Teixeira, F. Madeira, A. Teixeira, J. Ribeiro, C. Guedes, M. Gomes and V. Pinheiro

Transcriptome study in subcutaneous adipose tissue of Iberian pigs fed with olive-by-products
García-Casco,R. Peiró-Pastor, P. Palma-Granados, A. López-García, C. Óvilo, E. González and M. Muñoz

Effect of three varieties of field beans on growth and carcass quality of grow-finisher pigs
F.M. Viard, J.V. O Doherty, G.E. Gardiner and P.G. Lawlor

Poster presentation
Bee and S. Millet

Exposure of free-range pigs to environmental contaminants via soil ingestion
Collas,J.L. Gourdine, D. Beramice, P.M. Badot, C. Feidt and S. Jurjanz

Effects of restricted feeding and sex on the feed to muscle gain ratio of growing pigs
Daumas,M. Monziols and N. Quiniou

Fatty acid composition of immunocastrated vs female pigs in Germany
Götzand D. Mörlein

Effect of hot or cold cutting conditions on pork belly shape and firmness
Zomeño,A. Brun, M. Albano, M. Gispert, B. Marcos and M. Font-I-Furnols

National audit of pork pH in Australia
F.R. Dunshea, A. Lealiifano, M. Trezona, V. Gole and R.J.E. Hewitt

Studying intestinal metabolite profiles of piglets in different housing conditions
S.K. Kar, J. Engel, C.H. De Vos and D. Schokker

Impact of calcium content and calcium to phosphorous ratio in diets for weaned pigs
Bikker,J. Fledderus and M. Van Helvoort


The effect of adding guar meal to the ration of pigs on the quality and chemical composition of pork
Karpiesiuk,W. Kozera, T. Daszkiewicz, K. Lipiński, J. Kaliniewicz, A. Okorski, A. Pszczółkowska and Żak

Prediction of corn metabolizable energy for pigs using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
A.C. Figueiredo, N.T.E. Oliveira, R.V. Nunes, A.E. Murakami, S.M. Einsfeld, P.C. Oliveira, J.S. Martins and
P.C. Pozza

Transforming bakery residuals to high energy diets in pig production: a pilot study
E.N. Sossidou, M.Z. Kritsa, A. Dedousi, D. Kipourou and G.F. Banias

Analysis of monitoring data on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in German wild boars
R.H. Mateus-Vargas, D. Maaz, A. Mader, R. Pieper, J. Steinhoff-Wagner and J. Kowalczyk