Session 33. Cattle business meeting and free communications

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Date: 29 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Kuipers and Lazzaroni

Theatre Session 

Genetic analysis of calf survival in Dutch Holstein calves
Van Pelt, M.L. and De Jong, G.

Genotype by environment interactions when environments are defined from Herd-Test-Day profiles
Huquet, B., Leclerc, H. and Ducrocq, V.

Is modernisation beneficial for the welfare of dairy cattle?
Tuyttens, F., Ampe, B. and Sonck, B.

Subsequent effects of the artificial pastures on winter performance of beef cattle
Bozkurt, Y., Turk, M. and Albayrak, S.

Comparison of Holstein bulls and crossbreed Holstein-Belgian Blue: 1. the growing period
Robaye, V., Knapp, E., Istasse, L., Hornick, J.L. and Dufrasne, I.

Comparison of Holstein bulls and crossbreed Holstein-Belgian Blue: 2. the fattening period
Robaye, V., Knapp, E., Istasse, L., Hornick, J.L. and Dufrasne, I.

Comparison of Holstein bulls and crossbreed Holstein-Belgian Blue: 3. meat quality and composition
Robaye, V., Knapp, E., Istasse, L., Hornick, J.L. and Dufrasne, I.

Nutritional value and technological suitability of milk from cows of 3 Polish local breeds
Litwinczuk, Z., Barlowska, J., Chabuz, W. and Brodziak, A.


Poster Session 

Pedigree analysis of Slovak Holstein cattle
Pavlík, I., Hazuchová, E., Kadlečík, O. and Kasarda, R.

Genetic diversity in the Slovak Spotted breed using pedigree information
Hazuchová, E., Kadlečík, O., Pavlík, I. and Kasarda, R.

Competitiveness of different cattle breeds in milk production
Szabó, F., Buzás, G., Konrád, S., Kovácsné Gaál, K., Pongrácz, L. and Gulyás, L.

Importance of polymorphism in the promoter region of GH gene for beef production and quality
Sugita, H., Ardiyanti, A., Hirayama, T., Suzuki, K., Shoji, N., Yonekura, S., Roh, S.-G. and Katoh, K.

Comparison between determined and calculated energy balance for dairy cows in early lactation
Van Knegsel, A.T.M., Heetkamp, M.J.W., Van Den Brand, H., Kemp, B. and Dijkstra, J.

Modelling the impact of heat stress on female fertility in three production systems
Brügemann, K., Gernand, E. and König, S.

Pre-weaning and fattening performances of five genotypes of cattle breeds in Morocco
El Fadili, M., El Ouardi, L. and Francois, D.

Effect of calf fatness on further grazing and feedlot performance
Simeone, A., Beretta, V., Elizalde, J. and Caorsi, J.

Veal composition of Holstein calves fed by different ration
Vavrišínová, K., Bučko, O., Margetín, M., Haščík, P., Juhás, P. and Szencziová, I.

The relationship between US and CT fat thickness of rib joints measured by Angus crossbred animals
Somogyi, T., Holló, I., Kovács, A.Z., Anton, I. and Holló, G.

Prediction of beef carcass meat and fat content with the joint usage of US and CT methods
Somogyi, T., Kovács, A.Z., Holló, I. and Holló, G.

Effect of supplementation with linseed and CLA on adipose tissue cellularity of Holstein young bulls
Gómez, I., Mendizabal, J.A., Beriain, M.J., Albertí, P., Sarries, M.V., Arana, A., Insausti, K., Soret, B. and Purroy, A.

The effect of the F94L substitution in myostatin on the live weight of cattle raised on the pasture
Tomka, J., Polák, P., Krupa, E., Vašíček, D., Bauer, M. and Vašíčková, K.

Effect of pH on fermentation and microbiota in a dual-flow in-vitro simulation of ruminal digestion
Pinloche, E., Auclair, E. and Newbold, C.J.

Effect of including greenhouse gas emission costs into economic values of traits for beef cattle
Åby, B.A., Aass, L., Sehested, E. and Vangen, O.

Effect of ACTH injection on acute phase and immune response in heifers
Sgorlon, S., Colitti, M., Gaspardo, B. and Stefanon, B.

The management of buffalo breeding in Hungary
Barna, B. and Holló, G.

The composition of buffalo milk using an ultrasonic milk analyser
Barna, B. and Holló, G.